19 April 2019

Oh hello, fancy seeing you here? It's been two months since I created anything blog content related. Two whole months. It feels absolutely out of the ordinary being sat at the table with my MacBook in hand, writing for Sister Of The Moon again!

There are a tonne of reasons why I haven't been blogging, life and certain events kind of took priority. I aired my concerns over on Twitter and felt reassured by people who read my blog, that they will still be there when I decide to take on my small corner of the internet again. And here I am! I've had the itch to create for so long now but no energy or time to do so, so I'm kicking it off again with a little sort of catch up post, all about starting from the beginning again.

A massive thought of mine was 'how am I going to approach getting back into blogging?' do I start from the beginning or act as if I'd not been gone for absolutely ages. I've decided a fresh start is the better option, I want blogging to be a passion again, a hobby, not something that I felt was a chore. No feeling like I'm competing, no obsessively checking stats. Just going out, taking photographs and having a good ol' happy time. I hope. I have decided to not continue with The Love List monthly round up post that I was doing, I felt pressured to churn out a post every month when not much was going on. It may make a comeback, who knows?

Kicking off what feels like my millionth return to blogging I thought I'd get out and shoot some spring as hell photographs styling my current favourite dress! I've forever had a love for midi dresses but wasn't sure on the tea dress sort of style with the panel of fabric in the middle. Until I found this beauty for around £15, can you believe it? I'm a convert! I've dressed this up to go out to an event but this is so easy to dress this down with some chunky docs and matching pink make up! What do you think?


Photographs taken by @rwalkerphoto

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  1. Welcome back! I hear you on the whole just blogging to have fun. Love this dress. The florals are perfect for Spring and what a bargain! Definitely a keeper. On another note, I do hope you keep up with blogging. I found your blog on Google and I am so glad I did. I like your content and I don't feel like I am getting sold something every other word. You know what I mean. Happy 1st of May!

    Maureen |