3 February 2019

Hello my loves! January, the longest year/month ever is finally over. Which brings my monthly gathering of everything that I loved and let me tell you there is quite a few things to mention! I planned to not let the 'after Christmas lull' get to me, and boy did it work!

To start with, I made sure that I booked holidays from work wisely. I don't know what it is like for others but my holiday allowance renews in April and I had a lot of allowance to use up before then so I booked two whole weeks off in January to allow myself to refresh from the christmas period, which I knew I really needed as I felt over christmas I was kicked while I was down, I was exhausted. Me and my boyfriend Daniel took this opportunity to book a last minute opportunity to book a last minute getaway to Fuertaventura! Fuertaventura is an island that is sunny and warm all year so fortunately we had a lot of sun to soak up and spent 5 days relaxing in the sun doing nothing.

Aside from an impulse spend on a holiday, I've found that January has brought me being more thoughtful about my spending. I've always been absolutely awful spending and although I have nothing saved from it I have found myself with less useless possessions been bought and I've been feeling better about it!

Something I did vow to invest in though was skincare. My skin was suffering and I found that applying a tonne of makeup and only taking it off with face wipes wasn't working for me. I decided to take to twitter and instagram for suggestions for skincare. One brand that kept popping up was The Ordinary. So I ordered a few bits from ASOS and oh my word it has changed everything, my skin has cleared up massively, the only thing I need to work on is my scars. If you would like a post on my skincare routine let me know in the comments!


In my December Love List I mentioned that I had joined Good Reads, and of course in typical Kim style I've been doing terribly at reading books regularly however in January I did read a really really good book by Ann Rule called If You Really Loved Me this book is about the true story of a millionaire father and deceitful manipulator who, through emotional abuse and manipulation, persuaded his vulnerable young daughter to kill his young wife. Obviously it is so much more then that but I am obsessed with Ann Rule and her books are very much a favourite of mine. 

January saw the internet go absolutely wild over the release of the Netflix documentary Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes which was aptly released on the date of his execution. As someone who's been fascinated with serial killers for years and also interested in the Ted Bundy case for a long time I was beyond excited for this to be released and I actually found it so interesting. I was also interested in the fact that they featured interviews with Carol Da Ronch, who was one of his victims who managed to escape. Also there was a release of a trailer for the Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile film, which is shown from Ted Bundys girlfriends' point of view. This sparked a lot of conflicting opinions from people on the internet, but personally I am looking forward to it! What do you think to the trailer?


January brought my massive obsession with leopard print (who would have guessed?!) including this amazing leopard print t-shirt dress that I am featuring in todays post. It also saw a confidence in me on my holiday that I wouldn't have thought I would have had. I felt so 'myself' and happy in bikinis and shorts and vest tops which is never like me, my whole suitcase consisted of black, white and leopard print. 


A couple of Instagrams which I have become obsessed with that are run by the same person are @stephandthespaniels / @spaniellife and I don't know if you can tell why by the names, by my WORD! CUTE SPANIELS!

A brand that I couldn't love any more in January and every month is @PunkyPins! In January I posted My Self Love Valentines (which was gifted) styling up some of their amazing Valentines pins.



  1. That t-shirt dress looks so comfy and stylish at the same time I love it

    1. Doesn’t it just?! Tshirt dresses are my favourite go to and it really satisfies my leopard print itch. I love it! X