15 February 2019

I feel like what I want to wear and how I want to style myself is something I probably talk about at least once a day, fifty times a week I have a fashion identity crisis and I make stupid decisions about how I want to look yet here I am still dressing the same for the majority of the time...

I'm not even ashamed to say that the style I've been living in lately is also the style which I used to swear I would never be seen in, leggings as trousers, yes you heard that. Not the whole my pants are showing through my leggings style however I'm still wearing leggings at least 5 days a week which I'm slightly embarrassed about... No offence if you wear leggings all the time, clearly I do too but it isn't for me mostly. Baggy tops, jumpers and hoodies are my biggest wardrobe staple as of late.

As much as I enjoy some stomach and boob freedom in wearing baggy clothing all the time I really want to dress myself better. AKA make more effort with my style. After all, I tend to find myself only dressing decent when it comes to getting ready to shoot for my blog.

I've also been thinking about trying to dress myself in a more 'mature' way, but I'm unsure how. I feel like I don't know what I want to wear with each outfit. I get so bored of certain things, for example, I got bored of wearing Dr Martens with every outfit so I switched to Vans, and now I'm worried I look like too much of a tom boy but I don't necessarily like how I look in normal boots. Is this what it's like to be super picky?! I've come to the conclusion that I should forever just live in my PJ's and slippers.

In my whole I wanna dress myself better crisis but not so crisis I took to shops and websites to browse for outfit inspiration but actually ended up buying a pinafore dress from H&M which I've quickly become massively obsessed with. This dress actually comes in yellow check too but I thought I'd stick to a safe colour way otherwise I may not wear it as much. I would recommend sizing up as I am a size 14 and ordered an 18 and it fits wonderfully.

I wanted to let the check print do all the talking so a black roll neck would do for layering in the colder weather, however for this look I added a red beret and cute as hell initial necklace* for extra detail! This look, as you can tell, was actually styled as a bit of a Valentines look but I had already created a bit of an early Valentines post so I thought I would leave it at that and not overdo it!


* Item marked with an asterisk was gifted to me, however not in exchange for a blog post or social media coverage.

All photographs taken by the amazing


  1. You look absolutly amazing! This is such a great look for you, and I love the little pops of bright red. I sometimes feel like I should dress more mature, but I tend to just gravitate towards different styles and outfits just depending on my mood and situation. It''s always great to have a lot of options though.

    Aycan //

  2. Thank you! Oh I agree, I think I just tend to look at others around me, love the look they have then want it myself! Sometimes I need to realise that that look probably isn’t for me sometimes haha