6 January 2019

Guys, it's January. We made it. It would be a lie if I said that December wasn’t one of the hardest months for me. Of course, it's been Christmas, that time of the year which puts enormous pressure on many types of businesses. 

So works been hectic, the type of hectic which I forget about year by year, then it creeps up and manages to catch me off guard. Despite a few blips along the way in December I've felt a bit more confident in myself work wise and even though things do get in the way, or I feel like I can't get through busy days. I always do! But yeah, lets move on to the Big Day itself, Christmas! I'm not a massive fan of Christmas however I do love giving gifts to the people I love who really do deserve them. For Christmas this year my boyfriend got me so many amazing thins but best of all he got me a Kindle, I am a lover of having a physical copy of a book in my hand however a Kindle makes things so much easier for me as I already do carry around a bulky bag! I've also joined Good Reads and set myself a small target of 20 books for the year. It's the 6th and I'm only one in, but I'm sure I'll be fine!


As I previously said, I've joined Good Reads! So hopefully this part of my Love List will be more exciting and full of book recommendations for you! The book I'm currently reading is called The Good Nurse, it is about a nurse, Charlie Cullen, who killed as many as 400 people through his nursing profession. By doing things such as administering lethal medications or wrong doses. I'm about half way through and I really love this book, it gives off the same vibes as Ann Rules' The Stranger Beside Me which I previously mentioned in my October Love List and adored it.

In terms of TV I always mention that I'm not a massive TV lover, however in December I did watch a few things which stood out for me. One of them is a classic so please don't judge me for not watching it before. That film is Silence Of The Lambs! I really enjoyed it, I'm in the midst of watching the Hannibal series with Mads Mikkelsen *swoons* so I needed to actually watch the OG didn't I. Me and Dan also watched Ant Man and the Wasp which I thought was actually the best film I've watched in ages (well, since Thor Ragnorok hehehe) it was hilarious however that end credits scene fully shocked me! For Christmas I got Hotel Transylvania 3 on DVD from Dan and as a lover of the first two films, I adored the third!


I've become obsessed with cropped sweatshirts with baggy mom style jeans, thats about it. Although I have been doing some bikini shopping lately and slowly but surely have grown to have a love for swimwear shopping and styling holiday outfits too.


I've been a bit MIA on the blog reading front in December due to being so hectic all the time, however I will always have a few favourites!

@megzmoz is an all round amazing babe and I absolutely adore.
@taraxcostello is one of my favourite accounts at the moment, purely because she has an adorable cat, is a vegan queen and she's also working on a period positive book which I can't wait to read!

I also rounded up December by booking a holiday! As I'm writing this on the 6th, in three days I will be going to Fuerteventura for a mini break in the sun, so in Januarys Love List I may have some holiday snaps for you all! I'm planning on having a bit of a social media break during this time, we shall see.

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