17 January 2019

Most people like to use Valentines as the day to show their loved ones how much they appreciate them, to buy them gifts or to show grand gestures. This year I think Valentines should all be about self love! 

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with showing people how much you love them, however I do feel it is a perfect chance to have that day filled top to bottom with self love and self appreciation. I've mentioned before a few times on Sister Of The Moon about being hard on myself (including my
WHY I'M NOT GOING TO BE SO HARD ON MYSELF IN 2019 post) and I am actively making changes in my life to come away from the self hate cycle.

Valentines Day this year is going to spent on my own (not literally...) as my boyfriend is travelling Europe for work for the whole duration of February, so I will be doing a few bits and bobs to treat myself for the day! I can probably guarantee that I will be at work on Valentines so one of the things I will be putting into action will be having a positive mindset ALL. DAY. This will be easy to some but my word I am a negative nancy sometimes. I'm also going to wear my favourite outfit, so I can feel damn good about myself all day too.

Lets face it, a self love day includes a lot of pampering, for me. So I'm going to have a nice hot bath, Lush bath bombs, body scrubs, go all 'extra' on my skincare routine too. The pamper session will include fresh bedding and pyjamas because what sort of self care day would it be, without that?! A feel good factor for me is good food, I've just tried a lot of the M&S Plant Kitchen vegan range and I plan on filling myself up with vegan junk food goodness!

Of course, the source of inspiration for my Valentines Self Love post is the AMAZING new Valentines Day range* from Punky Pins! As you all know, I am a sucker for anything Punky Pins realises as they always create such beautiful collections, so I was thrilled when they got in touch to work together again. To receive 20% off of the whole collection enter the code 'RIGHTINTHEFEELS'! I wouldn't miss out on these if I were you!

The ever so generous guys sent me the whole collection of pins however I thought I'd style a few of my favourites for you guys, the pins I chose were the Peachy Bum Enamel Pin*, Rather Have A Dog Flowers Enamel Pin*, Love Bug Enamel Pin* and No.1 Romance Killer Enamel Pin*. How cool do they look?! I will be styling more soon for Sister Of The Moon, as there is so many dreamy options to choose from.

*Items marked with an asterisk were sent to me in exchange for a blog post.


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  1. Valentines day SHOULD be about self love! It's so easy to appreciate the people in your life that you love and forget that loving yourself is important too! Thanks for this post, it definitey inspired me to decide to spend this Valentines having a self love day!

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