22 December 2018

I've decided this year that I'm not going to be rounding up 2018 with any Christmas posts, I'm not a festive person and every year I have struggled to bring Christmas to Sister Of The Moon without forcing it, so instead I have decided to focus more on the next coming year.

If you're a regular reader on Sister Of The Moon you will have seen my mental health posts however my goal for 2019 is to bring more positivity onto my blog and into my life too. I have noticed that indeed I am way too hard on myself and I constantly bringing myself down and beating myself up about certain things.

A big part of it all is comparing myself to others, however my aim for 2019 is to focus on the positives of what I do and my work instead of looking at others and thinking "why can't I do that?". If I'm honest I think deep down inside I just want to stand out, I work hard, so I thought why can't others notice that? But that's not how it's going to be, I'm going to recognise my strengths and also try and be able to celebrate other peoples strengths without feeling upset about what I haven't yet done.

2019 is going to bring more creativity! I've been really letting myself down on the blog front but I've been brainstorming ideas and instead of them being pipe dreams (and me beating myself up about not doing them) I'm going to bring the ideas to life and expand Sister Of The Moon as a brand! Watch this space... 

How I look is another thing I'm constantly bringing myself down about, especially my body. So instead of constantly moaning on social medias about hating my body, I'm going to try be more active! I'm not an exercise person and yes I am lazy as hell but if I want change then I need to get off my butt up off of the sofa and do something about it! I am a picky eater and a lot of my diet revolves around carbs, instead of seeing the negatives of this I'm planning on trying new foods and seeing how I go with it all. 

I have this idea that whenever negatives come up in situations, I need to start thinking about the positives too. I mean this is going to be incredibly hard as a person with anxieties, but it's worth giving it a shot!

Overall, I feel like as a person I do not deserve to be so hard on myself all the time. I work hard, I put 100% into everything and I am doing so well at keeping my head above water. All I need is some self care, some time off (we shall see) and to try and put a positive spin on my life! I hate to be that cliche person but I will do my best to make 2019 a better year than the absolute mess that 2018 has given me. 


Photographs by the amazing www.rwalkerphoto.blogspot.co.uk


  1. You are amazing Kim. And yes, you are are on yourself. Just know that no matter how hard you are on yourself that so many of us care about you and think you are completely amazing not only As a blogger but as a person
    Em x

  2. Your planned approach to life and blogging for the year 2019 sounds excellent.
    I also love the outfit of the day you styled and wore in the outfit photos above. You look fabulous wearing it! The red and black tiger striped Primark skirt, Black beret and jacket, and AC/DC graphic band Tee-shirt all look great together.
    Best wishes for a happy, prosperous and healthy year 2019!