11 December 2018

December is heeeereeeee! Oh how very late am I writing this, November was a busy month for me in terms of work and I feel more confident in myself and my work, although other creative outlets have had to take a step back.

I feel like I mention this a lot in my Love Lists however I have vowed to spend more time focusing on the 'now' and giving social media a bit of a miss, November brought a realisation that I don't necessarily need social media in my life and I don't find myself reaching for my phone and checking Facebook or Twitter anymore.

Pinterest on the other hand, I have become obsessed with! I did a bit of research into using Pinterest to grow the views on your blog but instead of doing this I got really into just using Pinterest as it is. My Pinterest consists of things such as home ideas, tattoo ideas, colour themed boards and a board of my blog posts! I feel that when I move out and get a place of my own Pinterest will be my most used app. In the space of two weeks I have gone from 3 monthly unique viewers to 4.9k monthly unique viewers!

In November I also got a new tattoo! I have wanted a ouija planchette tattoo for such a long time but aimed to have a small gap filler one but one of my favourite tattooists @pollytaylortattoos posted a flash sheet with an amazing planchette surrounded by flowers and I was determined to get it!

I'm going to be a soft mush fest here but in November I had some ups and downs and the most supportive person has been my boyfriend Dan, he may not read this but this is a thank you to him and everything he does for me.


November saw me binge watching a specific TV show... it's one me and Dan started but pushed to one side and it's called Friday Night Dinner, a cheesy British comedy! I didn't really listen to much music or watch TV in November, as per usual but what I did do is read some pretty amazing books. 

The first book I read was Love Always, Mum xxx by Mae West, one of the children of mass murderers Fred and Rosemary West. It tells her true story of growing up in 25 Cromwell Street and the aftermath of finding out what her parents have been up to, and how it has affected her life after the fact. To some this may sound like an awful book to read, but I find things like this so interesting (and equally upsetting) and I'm not going to lie, I could not put this book down. 

The second book which I found fascinating was The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. Yet another true story, this time about a man who became the Tattooist in Auschwitz as a means of survival, and it tells how he met the love of his life while trying to survive the ordeal of living in a concentration camp. Honestly, this is one of the best books I have ever read.


I have been absolutely loving styling old items in my wardrobe in November, and not giving in to the pressures of black friday sales! The only black friday purchase I made was a platform pair of black Old Skool Vans, I recently bought a pair of Vans on Depop but have repeatedly worn them day in day out for work, so they have become a bit ruined. I wanted a pair for out of work that I don't have to make a mess of. 

I've been lusting over all things tartan and check in November, even creating a Pinterest board dedicated to it! I've styled a trusty favourite pair of check trousers in my Being Okay With Not Having A Girl Gang blog post too.


@kimmykeepreal/@keeprealuk Kimberley runs a small bizz called Keep Real which supports Mental Health in Yorkshire, they even do cute as hell clothing too! 
@emmrambles is a fellow Doncaster babe who is super supportive!

The blog posts I have written in November are Fast Fashion, The Environment and Me which touches on the topic of my thoughts on Fast Fashion, and how I'm going to make changes to my lifestyle to minimalise my impact. Also I wrote Being Okay With Not Having A 'Girl Gang' which is all about accepting that I am okay being alone and not having a group of friends constantly around me! 

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