4 November 2018

Happy November! Well, this has flown by hasn't it. It feels like it was two minutes ago since I was planning and writing out my first ever Love List, which was The September Love List! Admittedly, I haven't really thought about blogging or done anything in terms of blogging for the whole of October.

I mean, I wrote one post in October besides a Love List post. I have been toying with the idea of giving up blogging for a bit now but I eventually decided that I couldn't give up the one thing I've worked so hard on. BUUUUUUT here we are! Obviously October brings Halloween, which makes it my favourite time of year. I've really enjoyed seeing everyones costumes, make up looks and Blog posts. It sorta makes me wish that I would stop being a lazy arse and plan a week of Halloween Blog looks for the run up to the day itself, maybe next year.

October was a pretty boring one for me, I spent it working in a different H&M store to my usual one, it's been a good change, I will also spend the whole of November working in this store too! I've also been commuting via train which has given me more time to focus on reading and listening to podcasts aka My Favourite Murder as I haven't caught up yet.

This past month has also has me questioning decisions that I am making in regards to my lifestyle. I have been doing a lot more research and looking into changing to a vegan diet! I currently am vegetarian and I aim to use cruelty free make up and beauty products... I am not in a massive rush to make the change as I am awkward with my diet and such, however if you have any suggestions, whether it food or products, then let me know in the comments!


Hey look I've done it again! It hasn't been an eventful music and TV month, I tend to stick to my old trusty favourites so I don't want to feel like I'm repeating myself. However, I started getting back into reading and I read The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule and I'm not going to lie it is one of the best books I've ever read. I decided to buy it as I was influenced by it being mentioned on the My Favourite Murder podcast, that and my very long obsession with Ted Bundy. Yes it is a book about murder and Ann Rule is a true crime writer, on the hunt for a mysterious killer that is taking out young girls, and it turned out to be her close friend Ted Bundy. I most definitely do not give the book any justice with that vague description but here's a link if you want to see a better description of it.

A Netflix show that I've been invested in (and regrettably haven't finished) is Making A Murderer Part 2. Which is a true crime documentary about the murder of Teresa Halbach, it delves into police tampering, misconduct and retesting evidence related to whether Steven Avery and Branden Dassey did it. I would highly recommend Season 1 of this, and then Season 2. It evokes anger and questions in me like you wouldn't believe!


As well as mulling over my lifestyle in regards to changing over to being vegan, I have also been thinking about my impact on the environment, mostly to do with fast fashion. So I've been holding off buying too many clothes. I did still buy a few bits, but not as much as I normally do. I will be publishing a blog post about this very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

October brought the cold weather (finally!) which has lead me to resort to a more 'slouchy' style, I've been religiously wearing my mom jeans and baggy t-shirts. A favourite item of mine this month is the ASOS Farleigh jeans, they look amazing, make me feel good and are reasonably priced. Another ASOS related love is the Collusion Range, it's reasonably priced, quirky and I love everything about it. A big October Style Favourite of mine is the jacket I have pictured in todays post. I wanted a light snuggly jacket to see me through the warmer winter days, and this is exactly it. 


@popcornandglitter Sophie has been my blogging inspiration since day one, and during October she has been in her Halloween element and her Instagram page has been AMAZING!

@megzmoz MY BAAAAABE! October brought a meet up with this amazing human, we spent the day in Hull and she showed me around to some of her favourite spots and I've never met such a like minded babe, I really enjoyed the day! Plus her blog Mystic Mogwai has been showcasing some looks she's styled, inspired by influential women in music. She is such a talented, lovely person.

@lilcolourfreak Maria is a creative babe who's make up looks have been something I've loved for a long time, she always puts in 100% with her content and I'm always excited to see what she creates next!


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  1. The Stranger Beside Me sounds so interesting! I'm obsessed with true crime, but I only watch it on YouTube, it'll be so fascinating reading about it, especially since Rule knew him! Love the jacket, it goes so well with the outfit!!

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