8 November 2018

I've been mulling over this subject for a while, and it's something I wasn't sure about writing as a big part of my life is a 'bad' part of fast fashion. But here I am, rambling some words down on Sister Of The Moon to bring together a blog post about how I am dealing with the effects my life has on fast fashion, including the changes I am making! 

Definition of fast fashion: 
An approach to the design, creation and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasises making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers. (source)
I'm going to get straight to it, I haven't been overly conscious about the impact I have on the environment and it wasn't until the last 6 months or so that I've started really thinking and looking into it properly. I wanted to make any changes I could in my life that would make a more positive impact, whether it small or large changes I knew it needed to be done. A big thing that has been thinking, is the fact that my place of work is H&M... I always spent a lot of money on clothes because of the cheap price, the availability to me and the discount. Obviously I'm not going to outright quit my job as that is my livelihood however this is a huge thing that needs changing.

I thought I'd start at where I buy my clothes. My decision was to shop more in charity shops, second hand and on Depop! Therefore I am not putting more money into cheaply made clothes. As the cheaper they are made, the cheaper the quality and the worse the people who make these clothes are being treated.

I'm also going to start restyling garments, in reality I wear the same outfits 5 days a week for work, I like to stick to comfort clothing for this so on my days off I like to mix up outfits and keep it fresh. However, for my blog I fear that I will become repetitive if I feature similar items and outfits more than once. Though I say this, I don't mean I buy new clothes for every blog post. I just worry about pleasing an audience. I really enjoy styling outfits so I'm going to push myself to create more new looks, with old items, for Sister Of The Moon.

What I do with clothes I no longer want is something that I've been paying more attention to lately too, if I have any clothes that are in good condition and have plenty of love left in them, my first stop would be to list them on Depop. I leave the items on Depop for a little while and if they don't sell I will take them to a charity shop and donate them. Not all people who are on the hunt for second hand bargains have internet access or even know what Depop is, so donating clothes to an accessible option such as charity shops is great, plus it's benefiting for the charity that runs the store and people in need of basic things such as affordable clothing. I also ask family and friends if they are interested in any of the items I have, then they can take whatever they want and give them some wear!

I used to just throw old clothes away and not really pay any attention to any positive ways to dispose of the unwanted clothes I had. Until I saw the scheme that H&M are running which allows you to take in bags of unwanted clothes and textiles to recycle, in exchange for a £5 voucher to use in store. I started taking part in this scheme and got onto thinking about other ways to recycle my clothes, even if I did't want anything in return for it. This is when I realised that there was a clothing recycling bank about a two minute drive from my house, at my nearest Tesco!

Then to round up my thoughts and feelings of how I can make an impact, I have decided to shop small. This means buying my clothes from smaller businesses that make the clothes themselves, as well as doing every other step along the way too! So you know where your clothes are coming from, who made them and that every person along the way has been treated fairly and paid properly for their work. It's always an added bonus when a brand is environmentally conscious too. Small brands I am living for right now are Lucy and Yak and Love Too True. Please feel free to suggest any small clothing brands that you love, in the comments below.


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  1. I loveee this post. Your pictures are so pretty and the topic is deffinetly something more people should discuss. Sustainable fashion needs to be promoted so much more and the people should he more aware about the effects of fast fashion!

  2. I love the swingy look and pleated design of your Red Herring midi-skirt. It looks pretty styled with black 'Witching' graphic sweatshirt from Monki.
    It's nice that you're helping the environment by re-selling on Depop and/or donating outfit pieces you no longer wear.

  3. These photos are STUNNING! You babey babe! Fast fashion is something that's always on my mind but I have such a soft spot for Primark, need to stop going in so much and spend more time in charity shops! x