6 October 2018

For my blog I know I want to expand out to including more of my interests, so I've decided to create a monthly roundup called My Love List, this will include various things that I've loved the most throughout the month! From fashion, TV and music, things on the internet to day-to-day things!

I've previously done something similar to this in My 2017 Year In Review blog post, I came across this post again and was inspired to take this up on a monthly basis! I'm going to try keep this up even when I don't have the opportunity to continuously put out fashion content, plus I want to have my Sister Of The Moon brand and blog labelled as a fashion and lifestyle blog, so that is exactly what I'm going to try to do.  September was a pretty quiet month for me, however there are still things that I would like to show you, which I have loved!


In September I didn't really watch any TV apart from standard property daytime TV and Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares (yes I did that) however there have been a couple of new releases which I have been really loving! The first album is Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises a really well put together album, full of absolute bops that really give me a "listen to me in the summer" vibe, among the tracks my favourites are She, Karl and There's a Honey. Oozing with The 1975 vibes you can tell that Matt Healy has something to do with it. On the 23rd I also went to see Pale Waves with some blogging gals that I met online, Meg and Emma! Megs friend Jaz also came along and we had such a good night and I loved meeting the gals. The second released I have absolutely ADORED is Hozier - Nina Cried Power EP. If you know me you will know that Hozier's music has been a great love of mine for many many years, after seeing him perform live I know this love was huge. Nina Cried Power is a powerful, soulful EP that shows how much of himself he has poured into the music. My absolute favourite song from it is Shrike. I instantly cried when I heard it.

Now here's the reason I've been neglecting TV and music, three simple words, My Favourite Murder. My Favourite Murder is a True Crime/comedy podcast in which Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk all things True Crime and murder. I have become hooked and I am slowly making progress on it, I've made it 94 episodes into the podcast and I'm truly hooked!


September is the month which I've really grown to love my blog more than ever, after giving it a new layout I decided that a seasonal header was a must. With the help of Volca Media my new blog header is super cute and autumnal, which is so me all over! Lately I've collaborated with some amazing brands, creating some of my all time favourite content! Here are a few of my favourites:


SLEEPING IN STYLE - with Hunkemoller 



I feel like in September I have tried bringing new elements of style into my wardrobe. My favourite style addition is a hint of sporty vibes, I've started wearing sporty leggings and trainers with baggy mens t-shirts and I'm not even ashamed about it. Past Kim would actually hate it but right now I'm really feeling it. I've also been loving shopping around for second hand bargains, in September I managed to bag myself a pair of high top Vans Old Skools for seventeen pounds. Safe to say I was over the moon!


@trollcityrox - a true style queen! I've really enjoyed browsing her Instagram profile, she has an eye for styling outfits, plus her home account is actually home goals. All. Grey. Everything. 
@foxxtailz - Jess is also another person who is a style queen! This isn't a style I would wear myself, however, I love seeing what she posts on Instagram as everything is so dreamy.
@helenanderz - I have really enjoyed seeing Helens Instagram snaps of her travels, everything she posts are so pleasing to look at and I get so so jealous.
@zoelondondj - something I really adored recently is seeing Zoe and Georges wedding prep/wedding snaps, talk about a dream wedding!

I found it really hard to specifically choose blogs that I love as I read soo many that are amazing but for September I'm dedicating my favourite blog section to STYLE AND GUTS, which is run by my sister Rebecca. Style and Guts is a blog based on her diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis and the life style that comes with it. She has some amazing things planned for her blog so I suggest you go and take a look! 

Another thing that I have loved in September is the support and amazing people that I follow on Twitter! I never really thought that I'd have anyone who would support me the way some of the amazing gals do for me online. Hello yes this is aimed at you Meg, Jess, Emma, Tori and everyone else who has had my back recently.

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