9 October 2018

It's no secret that I'm an Autumn kind of girl, I get excited for Autumnal seasons throughout the year and am so eager for the opportunity to wrap up! Last year I wrote a post about The Reasons Why Autumn Is My Favourite Season and in this I included getting an excuse to wrap up. Wrapping up also means KNITWEAR LAYERS! I am a sucker for knitwear.

I mean, it's October and it's not been particularly cold that much yet but I have had a sort of knitwear wishlist going on for couple of months now and had already packed away my warm weather clothes and unpacked the cold weather clothes... yes I am that sort of person who rotates their wardrobe according to season! The number one knitwear item on my wishlist (apart from a dusty pink knitted headband I've been lusting after, that I daren't buy) is this amazing jumper!

Of course, without question this jumper is from H&M. H&M's Divided department is the part of H&M that I tend to go to the most, it is (dare I say it...ew) aimed at more of a teen sort of audience, a lot of stuff is either quirky, brightly coloured or has some sort of cheesy slogan on it. However, when Divided bring out knitwear they really can bring out some absolute beauties. As soon as this jumper arrived in store I knew I had to have it as it is my favourite colour-way, a mix of colours that I have also recently styled on my Being A Tomboy post. I just feel like this combination of colours goes so well with the look and style I have, and with my pale skin tone too.

Usually I'd just throw on a jumper on top of a plain black midi dress for a comfy look but I've been feeling a bit more confident when it comes to wearing jeans so I've pieced together a casual look with jeans.

Accessorising an outfit is key for me but I wanted to let the jumper do all the talking for this look. So the only accessory I've added is this cute as hell belt, that has a heart shaped buckle. For the shoes I've worn my bargain Vans that I managed to bag myself on Depop for £17! And I used a tote bag adorned with the amazing Punky Pins Halloween collection, that they kindly gifted me! Don't forget you can get FREE UK SHIPPING with the code 'SPOOKYBITCH' at the checkout, until October 31st.


Images by the amazing

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  1. Love how you styled this jumper! I haven't shopped H&M's knitwear before, but I'll definitely take a look at it when I shop there next time!

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