5 August 2018

Something I see almost everyday online is a lot of talking about the death of blogging, how 'nobody reads blogs anymore' and people giving up their blogs because of all of this too. I have been taking time to think it over and form an opinion of my own about it all. So I thought I'd create a post about why I think blogging isn't dying.

Now, it's no secret that I haven't been blogging much recently. It's been radio silence on Sister Of The Moon on and off for the last few months, and for some this would be the right opportunity to throw in the towel and proclaim that blogging is up shit creek and that I am giving up my little corner of the internet that I've built up in the last two years. But in fact, after all of the blogging breaks and pauses I still don't think blogging is dead.

I think a thing that is making people believe is the death of blogging is the lack of views on posts, it can be really disheartening and we've all been through it. Even promoting blog posts over on Instagram can seem a bit of a chore but I don't think that means that it's time to give up. I see so many talented content creators being upset about what they create, when in reality what they are creating is amazing! Having confidence in your content and your blog is a big factor, if you aren't loving what you put out content-wise, then in my opinion taking a blogging break is ideal. You can come back with a fresh outlook and with new ideas for your blog too.

The ever growing sensation that is YouTube seems to be overtaking blogging which can also leave bloggers left feeling deflated too. A lot of people turn to YouTube as it's easier to sit and watch videos then it is to concentrate on a blog post and thoroughly read it. Almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched everyday, a lot of people tend to put YouTube on instead of normal TV, also. However this doesn't mean that brands won't turn to bloggers if they don't have the additional YouTube channel to add to their brand, you just have to keep on going with content creation and brands will notice you, it's a slow and steady growth. I may add it also doesn't matter if no brands contact you for work, all in all, your blog is your corner of the internet where you can be yourself and post whatever you want, you don't need brand collabs and such to do this! Viewers and readers do tend to turn to blogs for honest product reviews and relatable posts, which makes blogging so popular and it builds a group of readers that will come back time and time again to read your blog.

Overall, I don't think that blogging is dying. However it is understandable that so many reasons why people would think so. Blogging has it's own sort of gravitational pull and this is why after all the ups and downs I will always come back to it. I think it takes perseverance and having the drive to keep at it, don't be afraid to take breaks and not letting a drop in views or engagement isn't the end of the world.



  1. I agree with your thoughts, I don't think blogging is dying. Personally I prefer reading blogs than watching youtube videos. Also, I love the outfit!


  2. Reading blogs is like reading excerpts from people's autobiographies, you come to care for the people you're reading about. It has a completely different feel to watching videos on YouTube, I love consuming content from both resources but blogging has such a nostalgic and magical feeling! It's definitely not dying, I love the optimism my babe xxx