30 August 2018

I've been wanting to add my own personal touch to a jacket for such a long time, building up a collection of pins and patches was the aim for me, I wasn't getting very far but I had a 'lust list' of pins as long as my arm, and surprise surprise 99% were them were from Punky Pins.

Punky Pins is an online store that sells well made enamel pins, iron on patches and stickers all with quirky designs on them. They are a store which I have been constantly scrolling through on Instagram and wanting to buy everything they create so when they contacted me to collaborate I couldn't contain my excitement. They offered to send me a little DIY jacket customising kit which contained my choice of either pins or patches, and I tell you now I was spoilt for choice!

First of all, I needed to choose a jacket to customise. I have so many jackets that aren't well loved as I don't often wear jackets but I thought adding pins that show my own interests would make me fall in love with wearing jackets again. The thing I love most about enamel pins is that you can swap and change what you want to pin them to! I currently have a backpack that has numerous pins on that I have collected over the years, too. I ended up choosing an iron on patch as well as pins but I have yet to decide fully where I want to iron the patch on to.

I am really into baby pink at the moment so I unearthed an old favourite of mine which is this beautiful cord jacket from Primark that cost me a whole five pounds in the sale! I'm a sucker for a bargain, which also leads on to me wearing these amazing heart shaped sunglasses to match, which also only cost five pounds in the sale too! The retro feel that these sunglasses give the outfit is something I really love and I'm hoping to add more of a retro touch to outfits in future, while also sticking to the style that I love. Styling a plain black smock dress (which I purchased in Tall for extra length) with the outfit brings more attention to the pop of colour in the jacket or the bold print in the Vans.

The pins I have chosen are ones that reflect my personality well, coffins, plants, a quote from my fave film, black cats and of course my secret love... Hello Kitty! Thank you Punky Pins for gifting me the items to bring back a bit of life to an old jacket.


* All items were sent to me in exchange for a blog post, all views are my own.