13 August 2018

Growing up I always had more of a 'tom boy' side to me, you would always see me in trackies and trainers, or baggy jeans and a football top. My hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and make up wasn't discovered until a few years into secondary school. Although you wouldn't see me dressed like this nowadays I sometimes incorporate hints of my tom boy side into my outfits.

Everyone in my family always used to call me the tom boy and I always felt like I got along with boys more than girls, joining in playing sports was my favourite thing to do and I loved to play rounders or other competitive sports. As I was growing older I sort of ditched my love for sports, started paying attention to my appearance and my love for fashion grew. Over time I think my mind trying to stray away from the 'tom boy' look I had is the main reason I don't often opt for jeans or trousers. I want to be the girly girl and wear dresses and be cute, but I soon realised that I can add tom boy touches to my outfits and still look and feel cute!

Todays outfit is bringing in some of my inner tom boy, but with added actual fashion sense unlike my younger self who actually couldn't piece together a decent outfit! The starting point of this outfit is this amazing baggy t-shirt dress, I've been adding more loose fitted items to my wardrobe for extra comfort and t-shirt dresses are the perfect item to achieve this, so as soon as I saw this for only £15 I knew I had to have it. It is my favourite combination of colours and of course you can't deny a good stripe print, I ordered it in a size bigger than I normally have for it to be extra baggy.

I have been wearing this dress with my Dr Martens Gryphon sandals but I wanted to give it more of a sporty comfort look, I sadly don't own any trainers so I went for the closest thing I had which is my Vans Old Skool platform shoes. I played with the idea of wearing my £1 Topman socks that I bought years ago, and when I tried everything on together the stripes of the socks went so well with the stripes of the dress!

Despite trying to be as girly as I possibly can (within my comfort zone) I do really enjoy adding a boyish touch to my outfits, I feel comfortable in outfits like this and I love how everything ties together colour-wise.



  1. The socks look so cute! I relate sooo accurately to having a tom boy past, looking at pictures of myself at 14 and younger is like a different person! x

    1. At least I’m not the only one! I’ve always been the “Tom boy” one x

  2. You're bloody gorgeous woman! This is such a cute outfit and looks so comfy

    Alice-Christina |

  3. You just described how I was like when I was younger too! I used to be a tomboy and wear track pants to primary school every day so that I could be comfortable when playing football with all the boys! But as I got into secondary school, I got more into the "girly" stuff like makeup and caring too much about my appearance. But it's okay to feel tomboy-ish AND girly in your outfits :) You look amazing in this outfit, I love the simplicity of the shirt dress with Vans (and I love the socks!)

    venus |