6 July 2018

It may seem strange to some but piecing together an outfit is something I put a lot of thought in to, I am quite indecisive when it comes to choosing what I want to wear and I do consider a few factors when looking in my wardrobe and creating a look for the day.

I'm not one of those people who can just wake up in the morning and throw on anything and feel good in anything I wear, however, on lazy days I do this and usually it revolves around just throwing on a pair of trusty Primark leggings and a big oversized tshirt for maximum comfort. But on every other day I kind of plan in advance what I want to wear, taking a few things into consideration.

Am I at work that day?
This point most definitely may seem like a stupid one to some, but my place of work is so so hot that it means I sometimes dress a lot differently when I have work. For example, it could be heavy rain outside and I will turn up looking like I'm ready for a trip to the seaside! For work, comfort is key. I like to keep things either loose fitted or light. If I'm wearing jeans, I find baggy mom jeans feel a lot better than thick skinny jeans, however I always seem to gravitate towards dresses and shorts these days.

What haven't I worn in a while?
This is something I think about a lot, but end up being an outfit repeater quite often! I do try flick through my wardrobe and bring out something I either haven't worn in a while, or something I completely forgot I owned. This sort of ties in with me trying to sell or donate anything I never ever wear, if I know I'm really not interested in that item any more then I will get rid of it, simple as that. i don't tend to keep my wardrobe 'current' when it comes to trends, I like to wear whatever I want. whether it's the 'in thing' or not.

How am I feeling?
How I'm feeling plays a big part in my outfit choices these days, I suffer with problems with my stomach so I plan outfits around how I'm feeling. If I'm having a particularly bad time with my stomach I will avoid tight fitting outfits and denim (jeans and skirts) and stick to clothes that are loose around my stomach! Numerous times I've had to buy something new mid shift because my clothes have become too tight because of my forever bloated stomach. Some days I'll be in the mood to dress like a colourful rainbow princess and other days, I'll be dressed in all black with my chunky boots and fishnet tights to finish the outfit off. It just depends how I'm feeling, and sometimes I feel inspired by peoples outfits that I see on social media, so I try and play with ideas that I take from that too.

What is the weather like?
Half of the time I don't dress for the weather, a lot of the time I'll be in skirts and fishnet tights but if it is really warm then I start to put more thought into my outfit choices. For example, today's look. We are in the middle of some sort of heatwave that nobody expected to be so long and I've been struggling for outfit ideas. I love to layer outfits and I have stuck to this, but still made it weather appropriate. This cute polka dot playsuit is super loose fitted which is right up my street, it can be worn on it's own but I have a ridiculous 't-shirt tan' so I've put a white t-shirt underneath to hide my shame, and because everything doesn't cling to me it doesn't feel so bad in the almost 30 degree heat!




  1. Totally agree with so many of these, I'm really struggling in the summer! I don't have the money to buy a new wardrobe but don't have enough clothes for the heat! I have the opposite problem with work - my office is freezing but my walk to and from the train station is sweltering so I always have tights in my bag to throw on when I get there hahaha.

    Kimberley //

  2. I am also the biggest outfit repeater in the world ever, and I soooo feel ya on the forever bloated stomach feel! Absolutely fuck jeans on those days!
    I adore this playsuit, I think I may need one! xxx