18 May 2018

If you follow me on my social media accounts you will know that a thing I have been doing lately is going on holiday to Disneyland, a lot, and I also am aiming to travel a lot more as seeing new places and exploring is something that I love to do! So for a twist on my usual type of post I thought I would show you the type of thing I wear for travelling.

The main thing I aim for with travelling style is comfort. Whether you are flying for one hour or for twelve lets admit that you really do want to be comfortable when doing so! And this baby pink hoodie* from NICCE makes me feel exactly that. When I was contacted by NICCE and they kindly offered me one of their hoodies to try I was over the moon, I'm not usually a hoodie sort of person but I had my holiday coming up and I love to travel all snug in a hoodie.

Is it any surprise that I chose a baby pink one?! I'm really loving wearing pink at the moment and this hoodie is just the right amount of pink, and it's subtle branding in white makes the perfect colour combo too. I must add that this hoodie is quite oversized, I ordered a Large for extra room, when it arrived I put it on straight away and it is really soft and such good quality. For a while I scribbled down ideas on how to style an item that I don't often wear, and everything came back to some form of 'cosy style', I definitely know that this will be an item I rarely want to take off because it's so cute and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to clothes I always seem to go for skirts and dresses and my travelling style is no different either, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable so I decided a skirt was the better option to wear with the hoodie, then if it gets too warm I can take the hoodie off and be ready for sun!

I do think wearing Dr Martens would have been a good idea for this outfit but I have learnt my lesson that wearing Docs to the airport is a pain (having to take them off etc) so I've put on trusty converse, which are somehow still going strong after years of wear! A preference of mine for travelling is I always bring a backpack, it's easier to just throw on then you have both hands free for anything else you need to do, such as carrying any suitcases etc. It's so much easier to manage in my opinion. So overall, travel style for me is all being comfortable and making things easier.

Do you have any travel style favourites? Let me know in the comments!


* All items marked were sent to me in exchange for a blog post, all comments and views are my own.  


  1. Such a cute outfit babe!! You look so good in baby pink, and I find that it goes so nice with black as well, it creates such a suitable contrast to an outfit! I agree, hoodies, are the best for travelling as well as some sort of trainer! Loved your Disney content too!
    Kinga xx

  2. Travel style you need to consider:
    I. The reason of your visit – Adventure or to learn about cultures and history.
    II. Personalities you are holding- outgoing or enjoy meeting people.
    III. What ar your interests - like water sports, art, history, hiking or photography
    IV. How do you like to utilize your time- Relaxing or being active
    V. What is your budget- you able to tour without worrying about expenses
    VI. How much time you have to spend - One week, two weeks or unlimited