6 May 2018

Sun is finally here! Well... for now it is and we've had a few days of bliss which I'm hoping actually lasts for a bit instead of a couple of days. For this summer time I've set myself a little fashion goal and that is to add my florals to my summer style and add a bit of colour too, I love experimenting and this gives me the perfect opportunity.
While on my hunt for the perfect spring to summer transitional dress I was contacted by Boohoo, a site which I religiously browse on, to see if I would like to choose an item from their dresses section to style on my blog, which is super exciting for me and I couldn't believe it! So I took to Boohoo and while narrowing down my choices I decided that I wasn't going to choose something that was so obviously 'me', and took to refining my search to just floral dresses.

This amazing floral dress is the polar opposite of what I go for but I love it, the thing that really drew me in was actually the style of the dress as I thought it would be so flattering on my curvy figure and I was so right! It's ruched waist brings in the loose fabric which makes my curves look so nice and the deep V neckline shows a little bit of cleavage which makes me feel so sassy (and slightly bare but oh well). This dress is perfect for the transition from spring to summer as it is a light fabric for those warmer days, but has long trumpet sleeves for when the temperature drops a little.

Though it is a little short for what I feel comfortable in this dress makes me feel so cute and sassy. I plan on taking it to Paris with me and pairing it with a cute pair of blue denim shorts underneath. The cute yellow flowers printed on it inspired me to head over to the beautiful yellow fields I see on my drive to work everyday, and strut my stuff in them for blog photos!

When accessorising for this outfit I wanted to keep it simple, despite the idea of putting cute jewellery on and load up my hands with rings I decided that in reality I like to keep it simple when it's warm. So I put on a pair of sandals and these amazing white sunglasses that only cost me ONE. WHOLE. POUND. thank you Primark and your ridiculously good sales prices, these sunglasses give me all the Kurt Cobain vibes.

* This item was sent to me in exchange for a blog post, all views are my own.

Images taken by my amazing sister


  1. I just discovered your blog today (via Twitter) and these photographs are absolutely beautiful. Well done!

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