28 May 2018

Do you ever just find that your wardrobe seems to mainly revolve around one particular thing? For me it's stripes. In particular, striped tshirts. One of the things I want to do is get other styles of striped items involved, so I've been keeping my eye out whenever I've been browsing stores and day-to-day at work, too.


18 May 2018

If you follow me on my social media accounts you will know that a thing I have been doing lately is going on holiday to Disneyland, a lot, and I also am aiming to travel a lot more as seeing new places and exploring is something that I love to do! So for a twist on my usual type of post I thought I would show you the type of thing I wear for travelling.


6 May 2018

Sun is finally here! Well... for now it is and we've had a few days of bliss which I'm hoping actually lasts for a bit instead of a couple of days. For this summer time I've set myself a little fashion goal and that is to add my florals to my summer style and add a bit of colour too, I love experimenting and this gives me the perfect opportunity.