13 April 2018

Oh, the media. Such a bittersweet thing that we all have in our day to day lives, whether it's social media, magazines, newspapers or TV. We all seem to not be able to spend time without a form of media in our lives, and for the most part it comes in handy for all of us. However sometimes what you see online and in magazines can be damaging.

I know I'm a bit of a social media addict myself, I spend hours everyday browsing on my phone and watching videos on YouTube, this pass time it's something I don't mind at all but sometimes reading certain articles online makes me feel down in the dumps and this is why I feel certain things online and in magazines can be damaging.

If you haven't guessed what I'm referring to right now, I'm talking about body image and the negative way the media portrays it. Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy with how far things have come with things such as being plus sized or curvy, and the positive role models that are open about their experiences. I think the thing that gets me the most is seeing articles about diets, strict regimes, how you should or shouldn't look and 'tips on getting the perfect body' sort of things. From a young age it's drilled into our minds that the thinner we are, the better we will look.

I'm a size 14-16 and sometimes I feel guilty for eating snacks or unhealthy meals every now and again, when I already have plenty of chub to go around. Some days I can look in the mirror and feel absolutely terrible about how I look. Other days I can feel like the sassiest of gals and be confident in myself and what I wear. A big part of my problem with how I look is I constantly compare myself to others, especially when it comes to fashion blogging. I recently felt like because of the size I am, I didn't suit fashion blogging very much and that knocked my confidence so much. I've not always been a curvy person, I used to be very skinny but I didn't enjoy food very much, or eat much at all. I was in a very unhealthy mindset and the only thing I seemed to consume was alcohol. I started with more healthy eating habits (and a lot of pizza, oops) which sooner or later resulted in gaining a lot of weight. I'm okay with it.

I've recently kind of snapped out of my negative mindset when it comes to my own body, I know issues like this aren't a quick fix but I've decided to just do what I want whether I'm the size thats apparently media ideal, or not. I enjoy putting together outfits and shooting for my blog. I've never been one to "dress for my body shape" and why should I start now? Because some person in a magazine has written what certain body types and shapes should wear? I don't think so!

The outfit for todays blog post is a prime example of me wearing what the hell I want regardless of what size I am and what people say! After being told that mom style jeans wouldn't suit me because of my size, I went and bought some anyway (two pairs to be precise) and I honestly love them, even more than my favourite black skinny fit jeans. I've found a new love for cute quirky outfits with red and pink touches to them, especially now I own these beautiful jeans with little heart shaped cut out knees! I love colour coordinating the rest of my outfit to match the red stitching. I don't own many red accessories so of course I added my red beret and my new favourite sunglasses! I've been after a white pair of these sunglasses for so long but when we got a red version in at my work I couldn't resist them.

 I wanted to let the red touches in my outfit do all the talking so I added a black and white top and black and white shoes which do let the red stand out more. I couldn't resist adding a snazzy top instead of a plain white one, and this polka dot ruffle cutie was the right choice. It was so incredibly cheap and good quality!



  1. You look bloody amazing gal!!! I really love this set of photos and the outfit is spot on!!

    You keep being you, wearing what the hell you want, enjoying pizza and rocking your own style!!!

    Gem |

  2. Babe you look amazing!! Despite the fact that we are different dress sizes, it never stops me from being inspired by your outfits. I hate the fact that size is always focused on in the media, as long as you're happy and healthy nothing else matters. Also, i neeeeeed those jeans - you're a nightmare for my bank balance

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Oh thank you so much! It’s really been annoying me how everyone seems to be so fixated with being skinny or how we are “supposed to look”!
      They are the nicest jeans ever I never wanna take them off! X

  3. Media is terrible for going on about the best body shape. I hate seeing diet tips and exercise regimes in them - especially when they are targeted towards a young audience. I've always been skinny and have always been told that I'm too skinny and that I need to eat more. I guess no one can win! It is more important to be happy and healthy!