4 April 2018

Do you ever see something in a shop but can't afford it as you are broke, so you decide to leave it and when you come back at a later date it has been put into the sale and you could just scream with happiness? Well that was me with this polka dot jumpsuit of dreams.

When I first saw this jumpsuit it was on Instagram, it seemed to be one of those things which one blogger photographed themselves in, everyone else loved it and then a lot of people bought it. I honestly wanted to be one of those people who bought it as it is right up my street. However, I couldn't even afford life necessities so I could not justify buying a jumpsuit (is this what you call adulting?) so I left it, my nearest Primark didn't even have my size left so I decided that it just wasn't for me. But to my surprise I came back months later and they had every size available and it had been reduced to just FIVE POUNDS. I repeat! Five. Whole. Pounds. I snapped that bad boy up straight away.

The things that really drew me in to the jumpsuit was the frilly hem on the legs, which adds a cute quirk and it has all the spring vibes, as I feel this spring will bring frills being on trend again! Also the polka dot print was a big thing for me, I'm a stripes girl but I do love polka dot too.

A safe bet for styling would be adding a plain t-shirt underneath the jumpsuit, for a simple layering look but I wanted to style what some would call a 'fashion no no' and style spots and stripes together, I really love how it looks and the contrast between the burgundy stripe and the white polka dots really  stands out. To break the outfit up a bit I decided to wear a belt with it, however this is something I wouldn't normally do. I tend to feel like adding a belt to any outfit draws attention to my stomach, which is one of my least favourite parts of my body. Lately I've decided to try and embrace it a little bit more, even if it means going a little bit out of my comfort zone.

This jumpsuit could be styled in so many ways, when it gets warmer you could definitely wear it on its own with sandals or you could style it more dressy for an evening out! I opted for my usual slightly grunge touch by adding chunky boots, a coppery smoky eye and my trusty baker boy cap.

Posing for these pictures felt almost new to me, after a month of no blogging (and barely any selfies too) it felt a bit out of the ordinary to go out in public and pose in front of the camera. I can't wait to build my confidence up again and feature a lot more amazing outfits on Sister Of The Moon!


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  1. I have this jumpsuit and absolutely love it, it is so versatile! I love how you've styled it girl

    Abi | abistreetx