25 April 2018

As much as I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and mixing it with with style I always seem to come back to certain comforts time and time again. Even with this I try and style my time and time again comforts differently, because of my fear of my style looking a bit repetitive.

When I was younger I went through the 'emo phase' and a lot of other people did too. Big features of my style back then were that I had black hair and would never be seen out of my black skinny jeans and band tshirts. After a while I started to grow, personality wise, and alongside this my style changed! I experimented with changing hair colours and liked to wear outfits that didn't fully revolve around the colour black which wasn't something scary or odd for me. I threw away all my band tshirts and vowed to start dressing better (in reality in my teens I dressed dreadful, emo or not, but still.)

However, my love of wearing the colour black never left me. Recently I joked on twitter about being in my emo phase for well over ten years, I still like a lot of the same music now and I own too many band tshirts, however you probably wouldn't catch me wearing a My Chemical Romance tee like the 12 year old me and a lot of my outfits a lot more put together then the ones I would sport in my early teens. I think thats the big part of still being able to wear similar things to what I wore when I was younger, how I style them. Some days I will happily just throw on a baggy band tee, skinny jeans and Dr Martens but most of the time I put thought into what I wear and I like to tailor it to the ideas and style I have now too!

The outfit I have put together for todays post is a prime example of styling my teen comforts a different way, but I still have that familiarity from when I was younger. Band tshirts play a big part in my wardrobe and I do love to style them with a snazzy pair of trousers. I usually opt for culottes, whether it's plain or a bold print, I think a band tshirt and culottes looks super cute with minimal effort. However for todays outfit I have chosen a pair of tailored trousers, dressing down smart items of clothing is something I have a big interest in, and want to play around with this more in future too!

Band tshirts and skinny fit jeans aside, something I have owned since the beginning of my 'emo phase' is Vans. I remember when I started secondary school my first pair of shoes for it were an all black pair of slip on Vans, and I have owned so many pairs of Vans ever since! They are such a versatile shoe and I will wear them with any type of outfit. They have become a must have fashion item for many people these days and I do understand, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own!

It's safe to say that despite the fact that I have changed in so many ways, some parts of my style have done a full circle and I will probably always keep bringing these elements of style back into my wardrobe.


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