31 March 2018

I don't know if any of you have noticed (unless you've seen me having a bit of a moan on social medias) but I have taken a bit of a blogging break. Mind you it wasn't for a very long time, it was only a month but for someone who tries to consistently publish content weekly it felt like an eternity!

I have taken a blogging break before, but this time it wasn't intentional and I feel like that reason itself was a weight on my shoulders. I wanted to write and shoot for blog content, but things going on in my life and my health meant that pushing myself to write for my blog was probably a bad idea. So I didn't force it, and I'm in two minds about how it's made me feel.

Part of me felt really bad for not posting on my blog, I had gotten into a good rhythm and routine with when I wanted specific posts to be published and what I wanted my blog to look like so breaking that routine was a little bit disheartening. I expressed my guilt to friends I have met through blogging and they are so understanding and I was reassured that nobody would hate me for taking a break, but part of me felt like I would be forgotten if I didn't post on my blog. However, I decided despite how I was feeling, I would not force myself to do posts for Sister Of The Moon, because I would have ended up posting content that was forced and a bit poorly done.

On the other hand, a break was needed. The last post I published before my accidental blogging break was about feeling uninspired, so I saw a break as a way to clear my mind, do some catching up on my favourite blogs and then I could come back to my own little corner of the internet with a fresh outlook and feeling a bit more inspired and ready to create. There has been no pressure from anyone whatsoever (apart from myself, as I am obviously too hard on myself) so I have just gone at my own pace, and I feel ready to come back and create for Sister Of The Moon.

I don't think that taking a blogging break is the end of the world, I worried so much about my blog being really bad statistically however I found that views and readers were still steadily consistent which is great. I still kept up with scheduling tweets to promote blog posts that I have previously published, and I couldn't recommend this enough. I feel like without scheduling tweets, my blog statistics would've suffered massively. In these tweets I tried to incorporate new and old blog posts, not only to try promote my latest content, but to also promote old content I love, to newer followers who probably have never seen the posts before!

This post is the starting point of trying to get back into the swing of things, blogging wise. I'm not setting myself any goals or targets right now as some parts of my life have gotten back to normal, and some haven't. My health still isn't great and I do not want to pressure myself to blog, as I may end up making myself feel worse. So I will try and post 'as and when' and hopefully I can create good content for you guys!

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