6 March 2018

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been feeling a bit out of touch and uninspired when it comes to my blog. I have a funny feeling the weather might be something to do with it. Miserable weather means us fashion bloggers have less time to go out and shoot for our blogs, and it can leave you feeling a little deflated!

Something I prefer to do is have images taken before I start writing the post, for some people this doesn't make much sense but I like to have the visuals there and ready to look at whenever I need to when writing the post. I often find myself lost for words if I'm writing about an outfit that hasn't yet been shot, and knowing me I would write the whole post and then change my mind on the outfit! So the lack of decent weather for shooting, means the lack of images to write about.

In my time blogging I have previously had another period of time when I felt very uninspired and lost when it came to creating good consistent content, to give myself a good push I spent a lot of time looking back on my own posts to see if anything sparked up some ideas for new content, I also spend a lot of time reading other peoples blogs, which also can be a big inspiration and get me wanting to create my own content!

Another reason that I can feel uninspired with my blog is because my wardrobe uninspires me. I feel like I can't spend more money on clothes just for the sake of creating outfits for my blog, and everything I have in my wardrobe has been featured on my blog before. So I have decided to take a proper look in my wardrobe and restyle some outfits to make a whole new look that I haven't yet featured on Sister Of The Moon...

The outfit I styled for todays blog post has been a result of taking a look at my wardrobe and putting together an outfit I haven't yet styled before. A long time ago I styled this black denim dungaree dress for my blog but in a blog post clearout I deleted that post, which gave me a perfect opportunity to style it again. Even though this dress is very short and it is still very cold outside, I decided to wear it any way and style it with a chunky knit jumper underneath and my big teddy coat over the top too for extra warmth.

I definitely feel like this outfit is so 'me'! When I put this outfit together it definitely reminds me of how I used to dress all the time, I feel really cute in it too. To tie in the dark look I added my trusty Dr Marten Jadon boots and a black choker teamed with a dark coppery smokey eye and a nude brown lip.



  1. Well, if it helps - you definitely can't tell that you've been feeling uninspired. You always look incredible and your photos are so on point xxx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you! I honestly have writers block! I’m not the best writer as it is so this is the cherry on top haha xx

  2. I love those style of dresses, I have a similair one but then with a zipper instead of buttons. It looks really nice on you!
    Don't worry about feeling uninspired. I still enjoy reading whatever you write <3! Just take your time. I'm also pretty sure the weather has something to do with it. It just makes you feel tired.
    Oh, and I am the same as you: I need the images there before I start writing. It just helps me with my writing process!