Sometimes when there is a bit too much going on in life and you can't think straight or be productive, you have to take a step back and realise what is going on and make the move toward making positive changes to help yourself. Even if it helps only a little, something is better than nothing, right?

I've seen a few posts about decluttering your mind floating about the internet but I thought I'd weigh in and write about my own experience as lately I've had a bit of a declutter in many ways. It hasn't had a huge 'life changing' impact, but it's nice to not have certain things weighing you down, especially when you aren't feeling 100% yourself.

The first thing I did to make some positive change is, I looked at the space I was spending most of my time in, which is my bedroom. It was messy and not a space I would choose to come and relax in, and I know it seems stupid saying "declutter your mind by tidying your bedroom"... But I truly believe that these things sort of start at home and making your bedroom a place to actually come back to at the end of the day and feel a bit more content in. Mine was a complete mess, I had so much junk stored under my bed that I haven't even touched since I moved back in with my mum a few years ago. So on I went, I threw everything out that I either didn't use, or that didn't have any impact on me or my life. After hours of tidying (along to the sound of Marmozets' new album on repeat. How good?!) I'd finally gotten a mess free space that I was happy and comfortable with. It may seem such a silly little step but you need a nice space to relax in, lets be honest.

Next, I took a look at my social media accounts. I decided to unfollow any accounts that were either a) inactive or b) making no difference to my life or me. Sounds a bit dramatic I know, but I want to see more things on my feed that I like, so everything in between had to go. No hard feelings to anyone who I may have unfollowed, but if your feed isn't to my tastes or is really negative in any way, it's gotta go.

The next thing that I did was infact the biggest thing, most people hate it but it needs to be done to get things off your chest and to have someone confirm that those niggling doubts you have are normal, and that you aren't actually going crazy. That thing is simply talking to someone. I am quite a solitary person and I spend most of my time alone or at work, I don't have many friends but it's reassuring to know the ones I do have are pretty good to have a good ol' chat with! This can make you feel a million times better having got it all off your chest. Plus friends/family/people you love can give an outsiders perspective and advice on your thoughts and feelings.

I'm going to make this next thing the last one, I could sit here and list all the little things that I've been doing to ease my mind but I've realised, that while I've been sat here listening to Bon Iver and typing away, that I've rambled a lot in this post. I apologise if this doesn't help anyone, it's just what I've recently done for myself.

The thing I've been focusing on most lately is self care... Self care can come in many forms and you don't have to stick to what others do! It can simply be having a hot bath and a pamper at the end of a hard day, or buying yourself something nice that you've been eyeing up for a long time. Looking after yourself and putting yourself first is absolutely the best thing to do. I feel so much better for doing so!


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