16 February 2018

I'm a bit of an over thinker, well I say a bit, but I mean a lot. I tend to take the littlest of things and get so worked up about it all that I blow it all out of proportion. This also applies to my blog too, I keep worrying about how my blog is doing or whether anyone actually reads it, when in reality everything is totally fine. I'm just worrying too much.

I'm pretty open about how I'm feeling, I don't mind mentioning how I feel especially when it comes to blogging and my blog. Some things that go through my mind are how well am I doing with my blog? Am I making sense? Is what I'm writing interesting to others? I do worry about boring the hell out of my readers, I'm not a great writer and I try my best to make sense.

I've recently written a post about forgetting about the numbers, such as my blog stats and followers, in order to love my blog and what I create I needed to put my obsession with checking my stats on the back burner and just create things I love. This is another worry of mine, but of course even though I've stopped thinking so much about these things there is still plenty of things to worry about!

I know I'm definitely not the only one who worries a lot when it comes to blogging, the blogging world is so saturated that it's hard not to worry, there are so many talented people out there, it can often mean you look at your blog and then look at others and think "wow my blog is shit" story of my life. Me and my sister work very hard on making my blog a perfect representation of me and what I love and it is turning into something I should be proud of, not worrying about.

I know if my blog doesn't do well or if it comes to the point which I stop writing content, it won't be the end of the world. But writing content and having an outlet for some sort of creativity is great, I do feel like a creative person and I like to express this through what I wear and creating fashion posts! I'll settle for taking it one day at a time, lets hope I can be more worry free in the future.

I may have posted about it a million times over social medias, but look! I had a hair cut! I was so desperate for some sort of change and my hair was ruined so I got quite a lot cut off. This is a slight change however I have bigger plans for my hair, but they can wait until I have more money. I haven't quite mastered how to style it yet, I'm just opting for a straight do, for now.

This outfit is something I feel really comfortable in, I always mention how I love oversized tops and this one is a "me all over" item, it's a bit grunge and to top it off the colour is called hello pumpkin! I have never really owned anything in this orange colour but it has stripes and is massive and I do love it so. This bright top definitely takes attention away from the rest of the outfit, which I don't mind. I'm feeling a bit 90's with my beret, fishnets, new haircut and I've of course added my go-to Dr Martens for the finishing touch!


Photographs taken by Rebecca Walker!

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  1. I'm like you, I worry a lot and for no reason. I know not to worry but it just happens. Sometimes over the silliest things and the next day I realise how silly it was. It can be a good thing as well, means we care! Love this outfit, the pumpkin orange is a really nice colour on you! x