18 February 2018

For some reason, I sometimes like to say that I enjoy winter. I don't know who I'm trying to kid really, ever since a slight chill came in the air I've been begging for sun and to take off my big teddy coat that seems to be glued to my back every time I leave the house.

I'm a bit of a complainer and I do feel sorry for anyone close to me because when it's real cold outside, you'll know. Because I'll have complained about it around 10-20 times in the space of 15 minutes... I do like the layering side of colder weather, however when it gets to that point of coldness when all fashionable outfits are out of the equation, and you are just trying to keep bloody warm, thats when I become annoyingly mardy about it. I don't like wearing jeans and I feel really confined when I'm fully wrapped up, this is why I constantly dream of warmer days.

I think the thing that makes me so so eager for sunny days is the fact that shops are bringing out S/S lines and I am all over it, I've been planning out my summer outfits for so long now and as soon as nice sandals and shorts come out all be all over that too. I've recently had a sort out in my wardrobe and I've been sorting my old summer clothes that I know I won't wear this year, and I'm donating them to make room for all the new styles I am already super excited about.

Speaking of being eager, I couldn't help but style this outfit without the safety net of tights for extra warmth and yes, I was freezing my butt off! I recently bought this bright yellow denim jacket and no matter what I styled it with I couldn't quite accept the outfit, so many people I've seen wearing this jacket have just worn it with black jeans and a black top, I probably will too but for now I want to pretend I'm in the summer and wear a nice floral dress with it. As the posts title says, cold weather I am over you.

A thing that I've noticed with winter weather is it automatically makes everyones moods worse, we are all begging for warmer times, especially us bloggers! We want longer, sunnier days and cuter outfits. Shooting images for blog posts with a time limit as to when the sun goes in, is such a pain. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the current situation with sunsets at about 5pm but it's not good enough haha.

I thought I'd bring a little sunshine to my latest outfit post, to try and brighten everyones day a little!


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