8 February 2018

We are a month or so into 2018 and there is one thing I've noticed... the amount of people smashing it with their blogs is massive! I used to be a bit jealous of others who are doing so well, but now I just feel incredibly happy for them and their achievements.
Straight off the bat into the first week of 2018 I noticed a lot of bloggers I follow were mentioning how good their blogs were doing, stats wise and this is amazing. Then further in I keep seeing bloggers getting really exciting opportunities with brands and this made me think, the blogging world is growing bigger and bigger and sooner or later, blogs will take over for a lot of things. And this is why I've titled this post 2018 The Year Of The Blog.

Whether you're a beauty blogger, fashion blogger, food blogger or any other type, brands trust us to give an honest review of products and I think this is why bloggers are more popular than they used to be. Our audiences look for our posts (or YouTube vides) to get a bit of a look to see how products or items are before they actually buy it themselves, a bit of a "try before you buy" experience. I remember way back before I started blogging myself that some narrow minded people looked down on your corner of the internet which you use to write down your feelings about things you love or hate, but now thats the 'in' thing... and it's honestly great!

I, myself am inspired by bloggers, and this is why I created my own blog. Bloggers do everything themselves and sometimes it's like managing your own business, bloggers create content, keep their website up to date, photography, editing photography, sometimes create graphics, pitch to brands, create sponsored content, work on campaigns, manage finances... plus many many more things. I think this is why blogs do so well too, we work hard and you can tell from the content bloggers publish.

The thing I love about blogging is the support network! You can meet so many wonderful people who like and share your posts which gets your blog out there more. Networking is such a big part of blogging and it all comes in handy in helping your blog do well in the blogging world, all the have to do is simply like, share and comment on people's posts... every little helps!

2018 is definitely coming up milhouse in terms of blogging, it doesn't matter how big or small your blog is, or whether you work with brands or not. We're all going to smash it!


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