31 January 2018

Many people think running a blog isn't hard, some even think it's not worthy of being called a career too. What people don't realise is that there is a lot to blogging and having a full time job alongside blogging means there is a lot of juggling tasks and prioritising what is important. Today on Sister Of The Moon I have written about the realities of working full time and blogging also.

Managing time.
A thing I've noticed with balancing work life and a blog is managing time and prioritising certain things is a large part of this balance. By this I mean events and also deadlines from brands. What brands and PR's don't realise when they are asking about events is that a lot of the time we have to go into work and see if we can have it as a day off or a holiday day, we can't straight off the bat say yes or no if it's something in advance! I've also noticed that a lot of events are based in London, oh why oh why don't I live in London?! To be able to go to these events requires booking a day off and saving for train fares, sometimes this results in me unfortunately every now and again declining event invites.

I've never had a problem meeting a deadline that a brand has given me, as they are usually quite good with them but I do see this as a potential problem for bloggers judging on workload and shift patterns. I think the key to this is keeping organised and prioritise posts by order of importance, do any of them have deadlines, are they for upcoming brand campaigns etc. I've recently written a post about keeping organised too, if you want to take a look.

Planning, writing and scheduling posts.
The planning part of blog posts is actually the easiest and most manageable part when working full time, I jot everything down in a notepad when I get a chance and if I don't have the notepad I use the notes on my phone.  But taking the photographs and writing the post, however, is a whole different story. I usually leave all photo taking until my days off, but my sister takes my images for me so we have to organise what day is suitable to do so, so usually if I have an early finish or a day off on my own, I'll spend it writing blog posts so I have them ready to go when the images are taken, edited and inserted into the post itself.

I do try and do everything on my days off, but sometimes you need to give yourself a day off and have some time to be social or rest. Which leads to my next point too.

It's okay to take a break.
With full time work and trying to get all blog work done when you have days off, now and again all you want is time to yourself. Sometimes, in busier times at work you can be that busy that your blog gets put to the side temporarily, resulting in you having no choice but to take a blogging break. I don't think this is a bad thing though! It gives you time to refresh yourself and have a fresh perspective on your blog when you come back to it. Plus, if it all gets a bit much saving your mental health is something that comes priority over everything, in my opinion.

Feeling guilty.
Guilt can come with balancing blogging and full time work, I certainly feel bad turning down events and such, because I simply can't do so because of work. Mainly because there is a lot of fantastic opportunities to meet other bloggers and to help my blog flourish, but of course earning a wage and being able to keep your head above the water is key! I also tend to feel guilty if I don't put out at least two posts a week, but I'm trying to reassure myself that it is okay not to, and you've got to think about number one and not running yourself into the ground.

These are the realities of running a blog and trying to work full time too, being a blogger can be hard work and a bit full-on. But it's so worth it and seeing your blog getting better and better.


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