2 January 2018

Have you ever wanted to create a specific set of blog photos and you always had to wait until a certain time to do so? Well snow pictures are the one that I've always wanted to do. I always had a certain idea in mind that I could have a really wrapped up and snug outfit but of course this didn't happen and I've gone for the opposite.

A lot of snow had been falling in November time but in Doncaster it never settled so my hopes of a snow set of pictures were ruined, then a few days after Christmas it snowed again! We tried and the rain washed the snow away, and then we tried again and it snowed so nicely and the pictures turned out great.

I've always loved how images look when taken out in snow, regardless of what the subject is. I just love how innocent and glowing the white of the snow makes everything look. Like I previously mentioned, I wanted my snow day pictures to be wrapped up and pretty wintery, a big coat on, woolly hat and probably my Dr Martens on... however I felt that this was a little bit repetitive and I had recently bought two items that I knew would pop when pictured out in the snow.

The first item that I picked up was this amazing cropped sweatshirt (which admittedly lead to me buying a matching beret) and lately sweatshirts have grown on me, mainly because of a comfort factor that I seem to be drawn to in colder weather. It also has a raw hem along the bottom which has a relaxed look. Embroidered on the front it says 'Mon Cheri' which makes this whole outfit feel a bit more french, you know with the stripes and a beret.

I love a good beret, I've owned a black one for a while and I'd never put a thought to owning a colourful one. I already had the striped sweatshirt in hand when I was browsing hats and I actually was going to buy a brown/tan one and after trying it on in various ways I couldn't decide if I even liked the way I looked in it. So I put it down and went and browsed the shop for a while and came back to the accessories section and saw the red one, I took it into the fitting room and tried it on with the sweatshirt and I fell in love with the red on red combo. I'm not going to lie I think this is the start of my beret addiction, and I may just have to go back and get the brown one too, oops.

Ideally, I would have paired this sweatshirt with a pair of blue mom jeans (thank you to my sister for the fab outfit idea), buuuut I don't own mom jeans as they actually don't suit my frumpy body shape so I had to improvise with a denim skirt, and of course I added my all time favourite fishnet tights with it too. Previously on my Mixing Statement Pieces blog post I mentioned that I was going to feature my new platform Vans a lot on my blog, and here I am featuring them again already!

Taking these pictures was so so fun, me and my sister got so carried away and had an absolute mountain of images to choose from, and if you may have noticed in most of them we accidentally included the green clothes recycling bank in the background, but we loved how the images turned out so we kept them! 


Photography by the amazing


  1. I absolutely love this outfit - 100% something I would wear. You look bloody gorgeous and you're right, the photos are awesome!

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thank you! It's the comfiest outfit ever x

  2. omg these images are absolutely stunning! you look amazing, super cute in the red on red combo with that beret, you suit a beret so much!! :D The snow looks perfect and i loved this post so much! :D killing it girl! xxx

    1. Thank you gal! I'm slowly growing a beret collection haha xx