24 January 2018

Oh look! A rare sight! Seeing me wear pink may be a shock to many (and to myself) but I actually do love adding colour and I do have a few pink items in my wardrobe... believe it or not.

The idea to style a pink based outfit wasn't in my mind whatsoever, I actually didn't plan a single thing in this outfit it was pretty much all thrown together on a whim. Me and my sister were browsing around to kill some time and came across this really cute culotte jumpsuit in the sale for just £9 and I couldn't resist just trying it on. Before I tried it on I wanted to grab a top just to try on with it, and wanted a black longsleeve but they didn't have any colours in my size apart from this cute pink one! I'm very open minded when it comes to trying on things I don't normally wear so I took it to the fitting room to try on together... and it worked!

Culottes are a style of trousers that I swear by. They are comfortable and practical, I also find they are very flattering for all body shapes and sizes! I have never seen a single person not be able to pull off a pair of culottes. I do have a love for culotte jumpsuits too but it isn't often I come across ones I really love, but I saw this one and I immediately wanted to buy it. I adore the stripe print of course, and the button detail on the front is a nice addition to it, they are for decoration purposes only but look super cute.

I think the pink long sleeve tshirt and the pink Vans add just the right amount of girly-ness to the outfit without overdoing it, of course the Vans stick to the comfortable kinda tom boy version of myself that tends to crop up a lot nowadays and I'm honestly embracing it. Despite the fact that I constantly wear skirts and dresses, growing up I was a massive tom boy and would never be seen without a pair of trackies/jeans and trainers on. Which is very much a far cry from what I look like nowadays, thankfully.

The finishing touches to this outfit, if you can even tell, is a touch of pink eyeshadow and my beloved Kat Von D Lolita lipstick which is a subtle rose pink and is the lipstick that I tend to reach for, for almost every make up look.

Above I have linked a striped culotte jumpsuit which I do think would also suit a cute colourful longsleeve top, as the one shown is unavailable!

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  1. I LOVE this outfit so so much!!! I've wanted those vans for so long, and now I want this entire outfit. You look amazing girl

    Abi | abistreetx