19 January 2018

I am the worst person when it comes to being organised, I'm a very forgetful person and I always set myself things to do which never get done. In the past year or so I have noticed how unorganised and forgetful I have actually become, mix being super busy with working full time, my blog and trying (and failing) to be sociable, trying to remember other things becomes none existent.

However, I have upped my organisational skills and I'm actually keeping up with everything now, I plan and create blog content regularly, balance work life better and I'm trying to arrange seeing friends. I must say, I am my usual forgetful self and that will probably never change but I have a few things to thank for becoming a bit better at organising my life.

Getting more sleep.
It's no secret that I love sleep and I love napping too, I just never ever seemed to sleep a good amount. Despite a lot of nights with terrible sleep, the nights when I do sleep I wake up feeling so much more refreshed and ready to take on the day. This also helps me actually get through the day and have some motivation to get shit done.

Keep a diary/notebook.
Keeping a notebook to jot all my little ideas down in is honestly the best thing I've done, a lot of people prefer to take notes on their phone but I love sticking to the basics and jotting it all down on paper, I even add little doodles every now and again too. I like to look back on what I've written and doodled and expanding on those ideas, instead of trying my hardest to remember everything... and forgetting. I've recently picked up a cute little diary too! I write my work shifts in it as expected but I always write blogging events and deadlines and life events in there too! (yes that's how unorganised I have been).

Don't take on too much at once.
Taking on too much at once tends to make everything feel a little overwhelming especially when working full time, spreading things out and keeping at a good healthy pace with everything is so much better and it makes me feel so much more positive!

Keep tabs open on your phone.
This may be a no brainer but it helps me keep in check and remember certain things, although the only tab I have open at the moment is for a topshop pair of jeans, because I really need a new pair. I used to automatically close all the tabs off but I find it super useful to keep things open and their is no pressure to force yourself to remember these things, especially when you are busy and as unorganised as I am!

I do feel adding these small touches into my routines takes off a lot of pressure to keep things in order, I am generally an anxious person and this all helps a lot. I hope it helps you too!

If I could pick any outfit to be my dream perfect outfit right now it would definitely be this one, stripes are my forever favourite and I seem to be well known for styling up an outfit with stripes in! This thin jumper is so dreamy, I love the block black and white stripe and loose fit flared sleeves, which are giving off slight retro vibes, loooove. Despite already styling my beautiful vinyl skirt for my blog before I could not resist doing it again! I love the zip detail and the belt, it stands out from other vinyl skirts I see online when browsing.



  1. Gorgeous ! I love vinyl skirt <3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I find keeping tabs open on my phone helps, and get a small diary that can fit in every bag you own, meaning you always have it works wonders for me!

    Abi | abistreetx

  3. This photo set is stunning! You look amazing <3

  4. You (and this outfit) are gorgeous! The tips are really helpful, I am so unorganized and always have been. I love writing in lil notebooks though so I'm gonna try and throw my braindump in there aswell!

  5. Staying organized is also such a struggle for me, I might use some of your tips! I now use a bullet journal, and it's such a great help!

    I love your style and your outfit as always. Please stay absolutely awesome!