14 January 2018

Being a fashion blogger, and having your peers knowing that you are results in a bit of pressure to dress well and we all know that a lot of outfits can be uncomfortable and not practical.
Lately I've been embracing comforts and baggy clothes and ignoring the idea of dressing up, the mens section in stores has become my best friend and I love buying an XL in everything too. The reason I've been going for this is literally just for comfort, for work I prefer not to wear tight fitting items or unpractical things because it's so uncomfortable to work in. I've brought this idea into my everyday fashion too!

The reason I first decided to shop for baggy mens tees was because I needed a quick change of clothes at work and I just didn't like anything in the ladies section, so I went down to the mens section and bought an XL long mens tee and wore it as a dress. This started my love of baggy tom boy looking tops. Which eventually resulted in me buying this amazing oversized striped tee (thank you Emma for showing me this, if you are reading this!). Despite this outfit being baggy and 'boyish' I feel very much my best in it, I feel comfy and sort of cute too.

This outfit is the ultimate comfort, this top isn't quite long enough to be a dress and keeping my dignity, so (if you can tell) I have a denim skirt underneath and of course for aaaaaall the comfort I've worn my beloved platform Vans. Something I've been wearing to death lately is hats, so with my hair needing some hair dye TLC I of course had to wear my favourite Baker Boy Cap!

Lately I've been questioning whether or not my outfit post locations have become a bit rubbish and repetitive so we thought about where to take the images and the opportunity to shoot some images at the Apothecary 87 studios came up, and me and my sister (who takes my images) jumped at the opportunity! The studios is full of personality and quirks so there was so much choice. We ended up actually just taking the images in the corridor leading to the studios as we loved the overall feel of it. Safe to say this is definitely something different for Sister Of The Moon.



  1. I am all for looking stylish, but there's nothing quite like feeling super comfy. I've fallen head over heels with baggy tops and jumpers too, and I love how you paired it with a cool looking hat!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  2. I absolutely love this shirt! I totally agree thought it's so much better to be comfy sometimes than look stylish and being super uncomfortable. I really love the colour and it suits you so much x

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