18 January 2018

This post is a bit of a hard one to write for me, for myself and the vast majority of bloggers the dream is to work for yourself and to do so your life tends to revolve around the internet a bit more.  Plus I look up influencers who work full time and I would not want to offend anyone by writing this post... but some things have to be written about.

The main reasoning behind this post is that lately I've noticed that some people are becoming way to consumed with the internet that they aren't considering how they come across on social media, I have posted before about My Problem With The Internet, however this isn't necessarily a problem I have, it's simply an observation. In the blogging world I have met so many friends and likeminded people, but despite this I tend to not join in with cliques, or unnecessary drama. I honestly have no time for drama and I would rather focus my energy on more positive things.

When people get so obsessed with how they come across on the internet, some of them can turn into quite negative bitchy people, and I've noticed these types of people will post anything bitchy on the internet just to gain likes. I think sometimes people just don't notice how they can come across, and this isn't a reflection of who they actually are as a person. The internet can sometimes be deceiving as it can be hard to bring your full personality onto your online platforms. Everyone is entitled to opinions, debates and other similar things, but for me personally I have a lot going on and right now, it's just the internet.

My aim is just to stay out of internet drama, unless the topic is something I feel strongly about. I'm keeping to myself and keeping a clear open mind, and I'll focus on myself and my blog. A lot of the drama in the blogging world has had me thinking about taking a break from blogging, but instead I will keep to myself, keep my head down and do 'me'.

How absolutely beautiful is this oversized shirt dress? I do want to wear more loose fitting items and I've been browsing around the internet for baggy oversized dresses and I knew Monki was the store for me! They always have overly baggy quite individual items, and I found this bright purple beauty. I love shirt dresses and this one is different to any I've seen before as it has two different size check prints on it.

Of course I've finished off this outfit with my baker boy cap, which I have become massively obsessed with lately, I'm really not ashamed to constantly feature this on my blog a lot as I feel it suits almost everything! I have also worn my Dr Martens Jadon boots which are 'me' all over!


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