10 January 2018

I'm not a positive person. Yes, that's how I'm starting this post. I've always had a more pessimistic personality since I was younger and my aim for this year is to turn it around and try to think of the positive side to things.
I always tend to think the worst about things, or that things are going to go wrong. It's not something that I do on purpose it's just who I am, people do notice this and it doesn't bug me, as such, I just know that with the plans I have for this year having a positive attitude will make things so much better for me!

At some point last year I decided that I will not be setting any goals for 2018, and my reasoning for this is that I never follow them. In March last year I wrote my New Challenges This Spring post and even though I did achieve some of them I just look back at that post and think why did I document this?! That's probably my inner lazy me saying that because I'm the sort of person who only tries to achieve goals if I publicly document them. I did set some personal resolutions which I never wrote down and I never followed them either! So, to cut out some pressure that I put on myself resolutions are a no-go this year.

To be completely fair, this may even seem like I am setting myself a resolution. But it isn't, 2017 brought a whole lot of anxiety and such so I want to help myself by trying to just be positive. It's also easier to come across positive on social medias because people have no clue whats going on behind closed doors, but I want to be a positive person on and off of the internet!

I've sort of stuck to the theme of being more positive by styling a bright yellow coat for this post! It's like a ray of sunshine or a bright sunflower and it certainly makes an outfit stand out. It originally was £79.99 and I can't justify spending that much on a coat right now but it was reduced massively to £39.99, and with staff discount it was an absolute bargain. I do already own a blazer style coat but I don't own anything like this so after eyeing it up for a while I took the plunge and bought it, I do feel slightly out of my comfort zone with this coat on but oh well, I'm just rolling with it.

I didn't want to take any of the limelight away from this beautiful coat so I styled a very plain, dressed down outfit underneath. The temperature was indeed in the minuses when we shot for this look so I had to put on my favourite striped jumper for this! Despite the cold I styled an A-Line skirt which has a zip detailing at the front, to add to the dressed down relax feel of this outfit I wore my platform Vans which I fortunately got for christmas.

 Of course, the finishing touch to this outfit was a beret, I am embracing my love of hats a lot more these days and I'm building up a collection because I feel it just brings an outfit together nicely.


Images by the amazing


  1. You look beautiful! I loooove yellow and it suits you so much. I firmly believe in positive thinking leading to positive things, you've got this! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely, this is the exact mindset that I'm trying to have, myself! I want to make life a more positive experience x