3 December 2017

I love experimenting with style, but sometimes it's nice to have a style you always go back to. My favourite go to look is always grunge! I feel more comfortable when dressed this way and I feel it shows who I am and what I like, too.

Staples in my favourite grunge looks are chunky boots and fishnet tights, if I'm quite honest I wear these with almost every look that I wear but I feel that these are subtle touches to finish off the look. I do usually go for my all time fave Dr Martens but I've chosen a cute pair of lace up boots instead, which isn't too far off Dr Martens however these boots aren't as big and bulky.

About a year ago I made the decision to stop buying band tees because I wanted my style to stray away from the safety net of just throwing a band tee on. Buuuut I can't resist them, I own a lot and they are something that I wear a lot! I love this Black Sabbath one that I picked up in the sale from the mens section in H&M, it's a size medium but it's quite big and I love styling oversized band tees. The thing I love most about this top is the print on the back!

I wanted this look to be a bit different from your typical just a top and skirt outfit, and I love a good opportunity to layer an outfit so I added this beautiful striped longsleeve top underneath, the top is quite thin and on the black stripes you can see through it, which I think makes it perfect for layering underneath things! Like I needed another excuse to style a striped top, I'm actually obsessed. I recently posted about My 5 Wardrobe Essentials and stripes is definitely a big one on there.

Despite the fact that it is absolutely freezing these days with winter feeling like it's in full swing, I wanted to wear a skirt with this outfit as I feel a bit more 'myself' in skirts, I decided against tucking in the tops to give the whole look more casual feel to it!

I finished off the whole outfit with my beloved black teddy coat and the new addition to my hat collection! I am now the proud owner of a baker boy cap. I have been on the look out for one for a while but the only one I liked was sold out online and it didn't look like they were getting it back in stock, then my sister found this beautiful one in River Island and I knew I had to have it. So many of my style icons and fave blogger babes own baker boy caps and I felt like now was the time to jump right on the bandwagon! I love the faux leather and buckle detail on it, I much prefer this to the very simple one that I originally wanted.


Photographs by the amazing

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