16 December 2017

Recently I realised that I had sort of become obsessed with statistics for my blog, I'd find myself routine checking my stats everyday and being a bit gutted when a certain post didn't do so well when I love the images so much.

It made me realise that this wasn't healthy and it was sucking the fun out of blogging a little bit for me so my new aim is to forget about the numbers and the technical bits and just enjoy what I'm doing with my blog and hopefully it will show on my content too. I do love my blog and I work really hard to push myself when creating content, the dream is to make a career out of blogging but for now I am taking a break from being super serious and just going with the flow!

I think a massive part of my obsession is that I saw bigger better bloggers I adore doing so well, and I slightly envied them. So my thoughts were that if I get better views and do better, then more people will love my blog... Sounds a bit petty but thats just how it is. Instead of being jealous of other peoples blogs I'm going to praise them instead, and instead of obsessing over numbers i'll focus more on putting out more great content.

Now, lets move away from the negative parts and talk about this outfit! I'm not going to lie, when I tried this dress on I was that excited about how it looks I blagged my sister to come out and take blog photos mid-sunset, and I like how that turned out. This dress is almost the same as the one in my recent post My Current Favourite Colour, but a different colour combination!

I feel a little bit more retro in this post, mainly because of my new beloved baker boy cap that I never want to take off (as you can tell because I styled it in my last post too!) but of course I styled this outfit with my Dr Martens Jadon boots, we didn't take many full outfit shots as we were really loving taking pictures and got a bit carried away with close up shots. I finished the outfit off with a real nice thick aviator coat, which is perfect for keeping warm on winter days.

I also made friends with a cute little black cat, embracing my witchiness!



  1. Looove the idea of pairing the dress with that jacket! You pulled off this look stunningly!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog