10 December 2017

I've noticed that I have always been attached to lost friendships, or following people back on social medias. I always seemed to try keep up with everyone no matter what sort of impact they had on me, my life and my blog.
The big thing for me is questioning myself about whether I need to follow some people on social medias? I felt the need to follow everyone back regardless of what they post, or what type of person they are. However, recently the amount of negativity I've been seeing on my twitter feed had me thinking, and I decided to just simply unfollow anyone who isn't benefiting me and my blog, or just isn't of any interest for me whatsoever.


Absolutely not. At first I did and I thought the people who I was unfollowing would notice but honestly, whats the point in following people back just to make them feel better? If they're not bringing anything to the table, then cut them ties. This obviously doesn't mean I'm purposely ignoring people who follow me, I do tend to look on everyones profile (whenever I can) and if your feed is something I'm interested in, then I'll follow.

This on a whole is just me trying to make my social media platforms better and more appealing, I was falling out of love with social media but I need to keep up with it, as I do enjoy catching up with some of my favourites but I can't see their updates because of all the people I just follow for the sake of it, you know?

Now. Lets talk about this outfit. I am absolutely living for comfort lately, I've been choosing big and baggy clothing over everything and it may not look the most flattering, but who cares! This oversized jumper is the most perfect snuggly item that I've recently added to my wardrobe. I think it's supposed to be an oversized jumper, but I sort of wear it as a dress with a skirt on underneath for a bit extra coverage. It's made out of sweatshirt material and is super soft on the inside which is so good for colder weather.

I've gone for a really simple look for this post but I feel really happy with how the pictures turned out. Of course I have worn my favourite Dr Martens Jadon boots, and a woolly hat for extra warmth!



  1. you look so cute and cosy! and that pink hat is adorable! Also i am loving your hair, it looks so nice and long! i'm growing mine at the mo haha. I totally agree with the whole unfollowing thing, if they don't benefit you then just unfollow, i'm the same! Especially if they show negativity on my time line.

    love the photos <3


    1. Thank you lovely! I can't believe how long my hairs getting haha. Exactly! I'm so over worrying about people that have no positive impact on me x

  2. I actually did this with my instagram feed. I followed a lot of People back, just cause they followed my instagram page and after a while my feed became just so Long, that it started to be annoying checking instagram. After a while I realised it makes no sense to follow People that put up Content, which I don't want to see. So I simply unfollowed and now I enjoy instagram way more, because I only get to see stuff, that I am interested in.
    I don't see anything bad in that behaviour. Just because someone follows you, you don't have the duty to follow back :)

    1. It feels so refreshing to just unfollow people with no relevance, so your feed becomes way better and shows content you like! x

  3. Oh I love your sweet <3 I love wearing oversize jumper like dress =p

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  4. You look beautiful lady! I completely agree, I am so prone to just following people im not overly keen on, and just keeping them there. Recently I unfollowed one girl in particular who I'd had issues with and didn't like, only for her to jump and unfollow me on other platforms too. Although I felt a relief, I also have an anxiety as shes friendly with other bloggers I potentially want to be friends with- ah!! Its all so complicated :S loved this post though, and ultimately its such a good thing to cut out the negativity!

    M x

  5. I literally can't agree with this enough! I regularly go through all of my social channels and unfollow/unfriend because sometimes those ties just need to be cut! It is 100% ok to unfollow/unfriend someone especially if you don't know them or aren't interested in what they post. At the end of the day you're in control of your social channels!

    Abi | abistreetx

  6. This really is a topic that speaks to me. I had to severe ties with a friend of mine because she became a bit toxic and began saying what I could and couldn't talk about. For example, I am chronically ill, but I was not allowed to talk about it. However, she was allowed to talk about her chronical illness. I decided that this was NOT ok and broke ties with her.

    I also have the same problem with social media. At first I pretty much followed everyone back that followed me and felt very guilty after unfollowing them. I made the same decision as you: I check out the profiles and see if they share stuff I am interested in. Then I'll follow.

    Great post and really relatable! :)