24 November 2017

This post is about something I've been questioning for a long time now, even well before I started blogging I always wondered whether bloggers need to be relatable or not. As bloggers we all have our own niches, interests and tastes in fashion etc, and blogging and YouTube is a way to broadcast our passions and interests. But in reality, do our audience have to relate to the things we post?

The thing I keep seeing other people saying its not relatable when people do gift guides for Christmas with high end £150+ gifts, or featuring high end luxury/designer products in hauls on YouTube. Or jetting off around the world all the time with brands and companies. People keep saying they want more relatable people to follow. But does it even matter if we can't afford what they are showing us?

The way I see these high end/luxury expensive gift guides or hauls is, these are people showing off what their hard earned work is getting them. More of like a 'living the dream' sort of influencer. We all want to be at the point in which we can reward ourselves and treat our family and friends without worrying about it, and the reason being is that we are successful enough at our blogging/YouTube career, right? In all honesty, I don't often follow these sort of Bloggers or YouTubers. I can't tell whether it's a slight bit of envy or the fact that I would rather fill up my feed with influencers that haul things or post about thing that I, myself can afford because I am constantly broke.

When I look at blogs I don't judge them on the prices of things that they haul or whatever, I just look at how 'real' they are. I prefer when people are honest and share experiences online rather than have scripted posts and content. What we all need to remember is that the perfectly put together posts, pictures and words from someones life may not be all that it's about. Being a blogger isn't all about "boasting about what you have" it's hard work. There isn't a right or wrong way to blog, and we all have our own audiences and preferences on what we like to see too.

There is definitely two sides to the blogging world, the relatable side and the aspirational side (or 'living the dream').  I do feel you need a to be a bit transparent online to become a bit more relatable for your followers, but who cares if others go on sponsored trips or get a nice new shiny blow dry courtesy of a brand, every now and again.

Do you think bloggers have to be relatable? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. love this post and you look stunning! that red lippy with the black outfit on you looks so good! :D and omg yes i totally agree there is nothing worse than watching or reading something from a blogger or youtuber you love, them only doing it because they are being sent it for free or paid for or what not, they should only do it if it is relatable! girl I'm broke af all the time too haha i think this is why i lack confidence on blogging a lot, i don't have expensive new clothes and make up all the time :( it's so much better to be relatable! :D great post xx