24 October 2017

I am absolutely loving glittery items at the moment, who doesn't feel absolutely sassy when wearing glitter? I know I definitely do. It usually takes a lot to make me feel good but in todays post it was an instant thing!

Lately I seem to be gathering glittery items, to bring a slightly cute element to my outfits. I feel like with the vast majority of my all black items a slight hint of glitter just makes the outfit, I have a lot of glittery socks and tights however I couldn't resist stepping it up a bit when I saw this cute glittery dress! I love the fit of this dress, it is a bit of a more box fit which is perfect for me as I don't have much self confidence, so I prefer things that aren't figure hugging. The dress also has a choker feature, which has taken highstreet stores by storm this year, at one point everywhere you turned there was a choker style feature on everything! It makes styling outfits easy for lazy gals like me who can't be bothered to find a choker to wear.

Do you ever imagine an outfit put together in your head and really hope that it works out when you actually put it on? This is exactly how I was with this outfit! Nine times out of ten I imagine an outfit in my head and I picture it looking really good, but when I put it on I look like something that resembles a potato and I always imagine myself looking skinny which never works out, a bit daft right? However, this outfit came out perfectly when I tried it on and I didn't do my usual ten outfit changes before I settled on a final choice. See, this is what comes with having low self confidence and no confidence in the decisions you make, it's a constant up and down. Which is why I was so happy with my outfit choice on this post! We actually headed out for food and mini golf after this, I felt so sassy.

I have not really taken this fur coat off whenever leave the house, I've also recently shot a look wearing it in my Bringing Out An Autumn Favourite post, but I couldn't resist wearing it for a post again. I promise I'll mix it up a bit soon! I thought the coat just tied in well with this dress, I also added my beloved new boots that I want to wear all. the. time. I feel like these boots automatically make every outfit 100% cooler when I'm wearing them, they also give me an extra inch or so in height due to how chunky the soles are.

I think this whole outfit, plus my actually having a good hair and make up day made me feel so sassy and good!


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  1. I love the choker feature on this dress! And I totally get you when you talk about the clothes hugging part. It is so annoying. Dresses like these are my new obsession, and this ones looks absolutely perfect on you.