30 October 2017

I started blogging in June 2016 and since then I have changed so much as a person, in many different ways. A lot of these changes have been because of my blog. I couldn't be more thankful too.
I've never had much confidence in myself, I've changed how I look, how I dress and my weight more times then I can remember. I never had something to proud of such as a hobby or achievement. I always wanted to be creative but I had no outlet, I started documenting my outfits on Instagram and that became my thing to do and people liked it. I was inspired by a few Blogger Babes that I followed and eventually created myself a blog. This become my corner of the Internet where I could be myself and be creative.

I didn't realise how much blogging would change things for me, lets start with meeting like minded bloggers on the internet. Through my little platform I have met some amazing people, which lets be honest, I probably wouldn't have even bothered to do without my blog. I was not one to approach people first for conversation (or even send replies to). Recently, I went to the Bloggers Blog Awards armed with nervousness and anxiety but I managed to have a good time and meet some amazing people who I have wanted to meet for so long. I even went to the Awards with a group of amazing gals I hadn't recently met in person, and I felt confident enough to be myself and it felt like we had always been friends. (If any of you gals are reading this lets take a moment of silence for the dad dance and garlic bread)

Blogging also helped me with my self confidence in front of the camera, being a lover of selfies meant that me taking photos of myself wasn't a problem, it's going out in public and letting someone else take photo's of me that was a big thing for me! Thankfully my twin sister takes my photographs for me, but I still have days when I can't act naturally in front of the camera and we end up not using any of the images. Another way that it has helped is that I am not afraid to try new styles out, seeing so many blogging role models online of all different sizes and backgrounds made me realise that I, a little potato from Doncaster, can do this myself. I can put a bright coloured outfit waaaaay different from my monotone fashion safety net, style it to my personal tastes, and I can rock the outfit with confidence in front of the camera.

I'm not going to lie, while peoples online platforms may look like sunshine, rainbows and perfectly placed flatlays, the reality is not like that. I still have big issues issues with my size, and how I look and act. But it's a step by step learning process and I am trying to adapt to a "fuck it" attitude, with the pressure from the media to be thin, tanned and perfect, it will be hard. But I'm determined to love myself! Heres a tweet reflecting how I feel about this:

The next thing on my list of things to throw myself into to with confidence, is approaching brands and pitching my ideas, myself and my blog to them. I feel happy enough with my blog and the direction it is going so I'm hoping that this big step for Sister Of The Moon is a successful one!


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