21 September 2017

I have been blogging for a little over a year now, and something that crops up a lot is the fear of repeating myself. Whether it be in my outfits, or in my words. Wanting to keep your readers engaged is something you think of a lot in blogging, and this is why I try my hardest not to be repetitive.
I know obviously to some, a year of blogging isn't a long time, and hats off to the fashion bloggers that have been keeping content fresh for years. With fashion blogging comes the constant picturing outfits in your head, trying to style them differently and trying not to make every outfit look the same. It may not seem hard work to others, but sometimes it can be stressful, and rushing around to style an outfit last minute for a blog shoot can feel a little half arsed. There is nothing worse then publishing a post that you don't 100% full like you've put much into, and then having your audience view it. So planning and note taking becomes your best friend!

I think having an alternative style contributes a lot to my fear of repeating myself, my go-to comfort style is a striped top with something black layered over the top, such as the outfit I've featured in todays post. A lot of people love striped tops layered up and I have featured striped tops on Sister Of The Moon a lot which makes me feel like some of my outfits may feel repetitive, or may bore you! I always try keep in mind how I style my go-to pieces in order to keep them a bit more... fresh and new for my audience.

Something I've never really wanted to style for my blog is a jumpsuit, despite the fact that I wear them out very often I actually don't think they're very flattering on me which made me feel a bit embarrassed about shooting pictures of myself wearing one. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and style a jumpsuit for my blog, and with the help of my trusty photographer (my sister hehe) I managed to feel and look decent enough! 

The reason I eventually decided to put my jumpsuit on for a blog shoot is because the elasticated waist on this one actually makes me remotely look like I have a figure, that and it looks pretty cool with a striped top and my new absolutely beautiful Dr Martens. The jumpsuit has culotte style legs, which I have aaaall the time for here on Sister Of The Moon, as they are really comfortable and wearable for any occasion. It also has a ruffle detail on the front which isn't very visible on these images but I assure you, it's there and it's lovely.  

I've kept it very true to my go-to comfort style with my favourite striped top (yes it is possible to have a favourite), but added a pop of colour with this pastel pink faux leather jacket, the pink is subtle but still stands out from this very monochrome outfit. I also added a touch of pink eyeshadow and a NYX liquid lipstick in the shade 'Exotic' to match the touches of pink. My choice of footwear had to be my new pair of Dr Martens. I have been after a pair of Jadon boots for such a long time, but everywhere I've been looking has been sold out of them for a long, long time. Until recently, when I saw them stocked up on ASOS. This automatically meant I had to buy them! The shape and style of them is the same as the Dr Martens I have featured on my blog many times however, the have a very thick platformed sole which makes me feel like a proper goth. Because what sort of goth doesn't own a clunky pair of boots, right?! My favourite part of these boots apart from said sole is the zip, putting on my Dr Martens and taking them off sometimes can be such a chore as I have tiny feet and I have to tighten the laces a lot. But now I don't have to worry. 


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  1. haha, girls do have a problem or you can say a fear of a repetition of clothes lol. But I think this should not be an issue if you have good sense of fashion you can carry that dress 100 times