11 September 2017

When I was younger all I used to do was follow the crowds, stick to what everyone else was doing, and hold back when it came to how I dressed and acted. It was something I thought was 'the easy way' and more 'comfortable to fit in with everyone else'. As I've grown up and experienced more I've definitely grown into my personality more, this has reflected on how I dress too.

Being a sheep on following the crowds when I was younger wasn't exactly a great experience but I now feel completely in my comfort zone when it comes to being myself and dressing however the hell I want. Having a massive interest in fashion allows me to explore different styles and prints without hesitation, and I love styling things to my individual tastes. I now put a lot more personality into everything, I used to keep to myself, and I still do if I don't know people well. But when you get to know me I'm gobby and stupid!

Something that comes with being unapologetically me (gosh, I totally remind myself of that episode of Family Guy where they say the title of the film in the actual film, please tell me you know what I mean?!) is comments on how I style myself, what music I like or what I say. Recently I've found that a lot of the comments are so wonderful and positive, but when I was younger my self expression was seen as a bit of joke, I feel so much better now I have better taste (and now that I'm out of my phases, of course). A lot of people tend to question my fashion sense, I can go from dressing like a goth queen to dressing like a girly princess. But thats just me! I don't stick to one style in particular and I enjoy mixing things up. A lot of the times I tend to picture an outfit in my head and when I tell others they can't imagine it, but I add it all together and it works most of the time.

Does it really matter that I bought a summery holiday looking dress and styled it in a bit of a grunge way? Well, thats exactly what I did! I saw this palm print dress in store when it was full price and I wanted it so badly for a sunny holiday I was going on in September, but I couldn't spend the money. Theeennn, typically, as summer fashion is over it went into the sale. I'm no longer going on a sunny holiday but I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to buy it cheap and style it for autumn weather.

The dress is shirred material at the top which makes it stretchy enough the wear tops underneath, although it is still pretty tight on the top half and I had to size up twice when trying it on, just a little tip if you're wanting to buy it. I love how subtle the print is, which means it goes so well when paired with anything black! Of course I've added my all time favourite Dr Martens and floppy hat! Also adding fishnet tights despite the midi length adds to the grunge styling I was going for.


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  1. loved this post! That dress is stunning on you omg i love it! You styled it amazingly! :D that last close up photo of you is beautiful, your so pretttyyyyy ! Loved this post! always be yourself, its the best version we can all be ;) xxxx