1 August 2017

So, it's August 1st and the UK has clearly had it's tiny bit of summer, I mean the weather has gone back to it's usual temperamental self, and everywhere I turn in shops there is woolly jumpers, hats, scarves and autumnal prints, including this amazing red tartan dress!
As much as I am absolutely a lover of Autumn, mainly Halloween and Pumpkin Spiced everything, I am slightly sad that I haven't had enough time to wear everything I want to, and do things in the sun. Although August weather usually picks up a bit but time is still ticking on fast and I have so many ideas.

I've always been a massive fan of tartan but I've always stuck to tartan accessories, I thought I wouldn't suit clothing covered in it but I saw this dress and thought it was absolutely lovely, I tried it on and debated it for a while and overall I feel like it is a good addition to my wardrobe! Smock style dresses are something I'm very fond of lately and this dress is a lightweight fabric which is perfect for the transition from summer to autumn, when it's not quite cool enough for thick clothing, but you can layer it up for the chilly days. 

When heading out to shoot images for this post the typical british weather decided to play hell and the skies opened up which made it so hard to find locations to shoot in, who would've thought Doncaster market would make a good place to do so?! With the rain being on and off I decided my old faithful Doc Martens were perfect for the outfit, which also gives it that grunge sort of edge. I also styled the dress with an oversized black denim jacket, but somehow forgot to take images. Oh dear.

After adding tartan to my wardrobe I am so ready to add more to it! I feel this dress will definitely be worn a lot further into the year as it could have a festive twist to it too. After posting an image of this beautiful dress on instagram and receiving some wonderful comments from some babes I feel more confident in wearing something I probably wouldn't normally choose when looking for new clothes!


Images by my lovely sister


  1. So beautiful!! I love how you've styled it - really suits you! I can't wait for it to be Autumn so I can feel more comfortable and confident in my clothes xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Sophie! I really love it and it was super cheaper at £10 too! I can't wait for autumn as well, for the comfort when it comes to clothes x

  2. Oh my gosh Doc's and Tartan dresser are just the best, it's such a perfect combo! And this dress, red in general, looks absolutely stunning on you <3 It just pops in the photos!
    Kinga xx