24 August 2017

I scroll through the internet as much as the next person, I wake up in the morning and catch up on my social medias, I do the same on my lunch break, when I finish work and when I'm bored. We all spend a lot of time looking through the same pages over and over again.
So clearly if I spend so much time mindlessly scrolling through the internet, why do I have a problem with it? I feel like the title of the post is a little bit clickbait-ish, but hear me out, I am not the best writer!

The internet breeds hate.

This is literally a no brainer, we all know it does. But allowing these hateful people to actually have a platform to spout the hateful comments is the hard part. Everywhere I look online there is racism, homophobia and bitchy comments about other peoples appearances, I used to bite my tongue but I shall not do that anymore. However, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will not do anything for the most part unless masses of people report a certain person for anything. I have resorted to regularly taking breaks from said social media sites as a lot of the time it becomes too much, but I never have a problem with this on Instagram. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not classing sharing the news as breeding hate, in light of recent events I am thankful for the internet sharing what is happening all around the world.  Although it does make me angry!

What is going on in the blogging world?

Well, it's common knowledge in the blogging world that there can be drama every now and again, I've not been a part of the blogging world for that long but the blogging world I know is supportive and a good thing to be a part of. But lately, it's been one thing after another. It seems like people think there is some sort of blogging rule book we all need to stick to, but let me tell you, there isn't. So long as you're being your real self, who cares?

Want to stick to your blogs niche? Do it.
Want to talk about whatever you want? Do it.
 Want to join instagram comment pods? Do it.
Want to talk about your blogs achievements? Do it.
Oh, you've been nominated for an award. Want to promote it? Do it.

We have the internet, and our blogs, which is a massive platform, can't we all just be positive and use it for good instead of being hateful people? 


Images by my amazing sister


  1. I completely agree with this, i had no idea there was this kind of drama until i became a blogger. Imagine how self righteous you must be to tell people what they can and can't post on their OWN blog, its ridiculous!
    Sara x

  2. Oh man I'm right there with you and when it comes to blogging I really don't understand where the riffs begin because like you, I just think we all have our own little online spaces so we should just do whatever the hell we want and support the fact that everyone will want to do something different.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode