29 August 2017

Autumn is fast approaching and theres only a few days left in August, and you know what that means? We're at that awkward transitional stage where autumn clothing isn't quite properly in stores yet but summer clothing doesn't feel right to wear anymore. The trick is, try to make your summer clothes wearable for Autumn...

I know the dress on todays post hardly looks styled for autumn but theres a few options I kept in mind when choosing this outfit! The first thing I had in mind was the length, it is a summer dress but it's midi length means you're covered up from the elements when it gets a bit cooler, in the summer it means you're covered up from the sun! If I'm wanting to get more wear out of my summer items I always consider whether they would suit practical shoes, thankfully, this beautiful dress suits boots! I also think about if the item will suit a jacket or a coat, I would pair this dress with either a black denim jacket, or a leather jacket! I have a pink leather jacket and a black one, and both would look great.

The style of this dress is what drew me in to buy it, I am a massive fan of shirred tops and dresses so when I saw this in Topshop I fell completely in love. The pink floral is a little on the girly side for me, but with the black background it was a little more in my comfort zone, of course! I have seen these styles of dresses all over the high street, including H&M and River Island.

The typical British weather happened while shooting for this blog post, the sun could not decide whether it wanted to stay in or come out so I've included pictures from before the sun came out, and after too, because I couldn't choose between them.

Lately, because of blogging, my confidence in myself and the outfits I style has grown. I've styled this outfit before and shot outfit photos for it and then we've deleted the whole photo set as I felt I looked absolutely rubbish and that the dress didn't photograph well, but here we are photographing it again and in a different setting and it looks so much better!

I'm so excited to use this new found confidence in my style, for my autumnal posts. I have a lot of big ideas for my blog and I hope it comes across well in my posts. I can't wait to style layered looks with coats, hats and scarves. I feel a lot of looks I opt for in autumn look so much better with the oranges, reds and browns of autumn too.


Photographs by my amazing sister


  1. I love this dress. Like you said I think it's perfect for that stage between summer and autumn. Your photos are amazing btw, you look great xx

  2. OH wow you look amazing! Loving this outfit on you! xo Larice