16 August 2017

Despite me buying a mass amount of stand out prints lately I still do like to go back to basics with my style, and bring out items that are my go-to comforts, such as stripes. You can never have too much stripes in your wardrobe.
Growing up a massive part of my style was stripes, and it still is! Most people would associate me with wearing lots of stripes.... and lots of black items too. Hence why a lot of people say that I look like a member of the Addams family, which isn't surprising! A line skirts are a staple in my wardrobe and they always have been, I've never been a fan of jeans or trousers and I feel A line skirts suit my body shape a lot more then typical bodycon ones.

The item that made me want to show you this 'back to basics' outfit is this absolutely beautiful striped top! I like how the frill detail gives it a bit of an extra bit of something rather than just a simple striped top.  H&M also stock it in a burnt orange/red stripe, a blue stripe and plain white too, which are equally as beautiful. The skirt shown in this post is something I have had in my wardrobe for a long time but I forgot about it! I have featured this on Sister Of The Moon before but I wanted to bring it out again.

I added fishnet tights and cherry red Dr Martens to give the whole outfit a grunge edge, I'm really enjoying bringing this back to my day-to-day outfits as I seemed to have wandered off the the more girly side of fashion.

Are you really a fashion blogger in Doncaster if you don't do outfit posts down a gross alleyway that has shoes, mattresses and a hell of a lot of random berries on the floor...? I joke! I thought the background of a typical alleyway would give a bit of a 'rough around the edges' look to this outfit! I also wish I was kidding when I say this is what things are actually like in sunny doncaster. I like how the grunge sort of outfit looks with this as my surroundings!


Thank you to my sister for the images! Go check out her blog.


  1. Every single skirt I own is a-line! Beautiful girly and gorgeous pictures as always xxx

  2. You look absolutely stunning, I really enjoy the simple look, I love an Aline skirt and a striped Tshirt x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. Your photos are amazing and I love the whole look of this outfit especially those red Dr Martens. X

  4. You look amazing in this outfit. I NEED this top, I'm all for a stripey top and with the frill details on the sleeves are super cute.

    Lisa | Soho Stripes