9 August 2017

When you hear the term 'layering' you automatically think of autumn/winter, I always picture jeans, jumpers scarves and hats... but I've managed to achieve a boho themed summer look, with layers!
I've always admired the boho style but it's always been something I've admired from afar and never bothered to delve into it all, until recently! This long top that I recently picked up in the Primark sale (for £5, bargain!) is absolutely beautiful but still black, so I decided to put an 'alternative' twist to a boho look. The thing I love most about this top is the length, at first glance it could almost be mistaken for a dress! It has three buttons quite high up to fasten it, but then the rest of the fabric just hangs open.

Only having three buttons and being quite open gave me the opportunity to layer this outfit up! I wanted to save my dignity a little so a simple black crop top has come in handy and it still ties in with the outfit so well. Jeans would look really good with the outfit but seeing as we somehow had a day of sun I decided to add a simple button up A line skirt, making the floral top the statement piece for the whole outfit. I have recently worn this outfit with a pair of black shorts instead of the skirt too.

The shoes I chose to style for this outfit are a pair I have been absolutely loving lately and I've also featured them on Sister Of The Moon before but how could I resist?! I love how chunky they are. I decided to go with wavy hair and a floppy hat to add to the boho look more, and this amazing tote bag with a lovely print on it too, this ties in the whole outfit perfectly.

I would have called this a festival look, but we all know how the festivals in the UK are, this would have been an outfit for the first day of Leeds Fest, when theres no mud and you aren't at your fullest scruff mode, right?!


Photographs taken by my lovely sister

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