15 June 2017

Happy first birthday to Sister Of The Moon! My first year of blogging has mainly been dedicated to finding my feet in the blogging world. There are a lot of things that I am thankful for, when it comes to blogging!
In the past year my little blog has received around 24,000+ page views(on the day this was written) and has been viewed in countries all over the world including far out in Australia! This may not seem much to some, but it's fab to me. I haven't exactly been consistent with posting content, as I have found that not having a set schedule eases the pressure to get out content. But I have still found that I have a faithful audience who are happy to read my content whenever I want to post.

In the past year I have seen the quality of my content flourish. I started off taking my photographs on my iPhone 5 in really dim light, but thanks to inspiring bloggers I've met on the internet, my amazing sister who is a good photographer and... Pinterest, I've got the general gist of how good quality pictures should look. Here are a few posts I'm especially super happy with: Fashion Blogging On A BudgetGoodbye Autumn and New Challenges This Spring. I could list so much more as I love a lot of my content.

In the past 365 days I have found my niche in the blogging world, which is definitely fashion! I have dabbled in other topics such as beauty and music... these are other things I am passionate about too. My little blog has become a part of my life, I am confident in my blog, whether it's chatting to others about it or getting out and taking photographs for it. It has given me a hobby and something to stick at!

A thing I never knew about before stepping into the big wide world of blogging was the massive amount of support you receive from other bloggers! I expected to just be alone in it all, then I found The Girl Gang and this opened my eyes to a massive support system I never knew existed. I've met so many wonderful people through blogging. Obviously, there always will be blogger drama and people who love to see others suffer but I do try my very best to stay out of petty dramas and so far I've come out unscathed (mainly because I'm good and honest and know nothing about the technical side of blogging, really.)



  1. Happy Blog Birthday babe here's to many more

  2. Happy Blog birthday petal 🖤 Sounds like you've had an amazing year with it, hopefully it's the beginning of many more to come! You look stunning in these pictures btw, absolutely adore the gingham with the pink!! Xx


  3. Congrats and happy birthday for your first year of blogging! The first year is such a big milestone! our blog turned one last February and here we are, mid-june already! so crazy! You've achieve amazing things! Best of luck for all that is next to come! xx corinne

  4. Congrats on your one year of blogging! It's such an amazing achievement and I really love your photos here, the outfit is lovely x

  5. Congratulations hun! 1 year is such an amazing milestone - by the way, your pinafore is SO gorgeous x
    Claire |

  6. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! Loving the outfit - and the makeup! xx

    mia //