11 April 2017

You know when you see someone wearing an item of clothing and you have to have it? Like even despite not knowing where its from or how much it costs? This cute pink top was one of those items. It's totally something that you wouldn't imagine me wearing but it was clothing fate and I needed it instantly!

There's something about mixing it up and venturing away from your usual style that sets a good tone for the day, I am really loving how this top has cute little details on it that make a massive difference. The sleeves are my favourite part, as I've mentioned before I loooove flared sleeves. The top is made out of cotton so it feels a lot lighter for the hotter days too! The pastel pink colour is to die for, wearing this is still sticking to wearing new styles of clothing from my New Challenges This Spring post too.

I've styled this top with a simple denim skirt, just to let the top be the standout item in this outfit. Other ways you could style this could be, blue denim kick flares and high top converse for a more relaxed day look, or dogtooth/gingham cigarette trousers and loafers for a smarter office look.

The weather on the day of shooting these images was absolute beautiful, meaning I could pop on some sandals and a skirt without tights! Finally! To make this outfit a bit more colourful I used MAC's Rebel on my lips, I created my favourite pink smokey eye using the Burgundy Times Nine palette also from MAC and I added a cute little pink choker too.



  1. Oh my this is super cute! The top suits you perfectly! I would pair it with a pair of high waisted jeans :) xo

  2. Gorgeous <3 I love your skirt !

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  3. Love the top, it's such a pretty colour! X

  4. This colour looks so beautiful on you! I always have such heart eyes looking at all your outfit posts. And that choker!! Love all of this xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

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