20 April 2017

To be completely honest with you, one of the things that comes with being a fashion blogger is finding a perfect spot for taking your outfit photographs. You find yourself constantly taking in your surroundings when you're out and about and travelling, and you have to try and remember those spots too!
Another thing I find myself doing is wandering/driving around a lot while dressed up and ready to shoot. I tend to take note on the notes app on my phone take make it a little bit easier to remember nice areas for photographs.

There is a few key things I keep in mind for finding the perfect spot for my outfit photos..
The basics - I always consider the time of day, sometimes it's best to do it at the times when it's at the brightest, unless you want images in the golden hour which is the hour after sunrise, or the hour before the sunset. These times are best for getting those images with an amazing glow to them! I would suggest having the sun behind you in these images too. I prefer bright sunny days for my images, don't get me wrong an overcast day is perfectly fine, you just have to have an outfit that really pops, to bring the image to life!
The background - Backgrounds I prefer for my outfit shots vary from a really nice door, nice buildings/walls, woodland areas, car parks or just generally nice surroundings... for example, a really nice visually pleasing street!
The contrast between my outfit and my background - If I've chosen to shoot at a really bright location, for example a wall covered in graffiti, I will style an outfit that is subtle colours, monochrome or all black. If I choose a brightly coloured outfit I will choose a subtle background, you get the idea! To be fair, with this, you can sort of wing it or go with whatever you feel works best for you!

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate this amazing dress? When I first saw it I was really unsure about it and thought it wasn't my thing at all. It's ruffles drew me in and made me want to try it on! The fabric is quite see through so I had to layer it with a long vest top underneath to cover my underwear. Once I had it on I thought it was so cute and online anything I've seen before. It also is quite short so my go to choice for this dress was thick tights and Dr Martens, of course!

What backgrounds do you prefer for outfit shots? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh my goodness these photos are stunning!!!!

  2. Lovely post and look!
    I prefer taking photos in nature or streets that have neutral colours.

    Have a great day,
    Tea | moonshinefaerie

  3. I always like to recce places before I do my outfit shoots! You look so cute in that frill dress <3 xo